All rumors about iPhone 14

While the iPhone 13 is still not “hot”, rumors about the iPhone 14 have appeared in abundance, helping users to somewhat visualize this device.

Release date

Apple is one of those tech companies with fairly specific announcement and release timeframes. So if nothing out of the ordinary, the iPhone 14 will be released in mid-September 2022. Of course, this time can change, but the chances are very low.

Product price

Recent rumors suggest that the prices of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be more expensive than their predecessors due to the punch-hole screen design with fast refresh rate and better camera, added that is price inflation due to supply chain problems. iPhone 14 is expected to cost $799, iPhone 14 Max $899, iPhone 14 Pro $1099 and the most expensive Pro Max at $1199.


According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is planning to upgrade the camera for the iPhone 14 series with the largest ever 1/1.3-inch 48MP CMOS image sensor. This sensor will be prioritized for the wide-angle camera, then the ultra-wide and telephoto cameras.

All the revelations about the iPhone 14

This will be the largest camera sensor ever equipped on Apple’s iPhone. Thanks to the process of using data from four pixels combined into one (quad pixel-binning), iPhone 14 works extremely well with night photography mode, providing excellent image quality in low light conditions. Furthermore, the new sensor will allow 8K video recording with the main camera. Currently, the iPhone can only record videos up to 4K at 60 frames per second. According to rumors, Sony will supply these sensors for the iPhone 14, while LG will produce the camera modules.


The general design of the iPhone 14 is expected to remain the same from the frame shape or the impressive rear camera cluster. According to investors JP Morgan Chase, the Pro models from the iPhone 14 series will be the first iPhones to feature a titanium alloy frame instead of stainless steel and aluminum like the current lineup. Titanium alloy material is used for some Apple Watch Series 6 models.

One of the most discussed topics is how the “rabbit ears” design will be replaced by Apple? Many rumors suggest it will be replaced with a round “punch” or “pill” shaped screen.

However, according to another recent rumor, the iPhone 14 Pro will integrate both these designs. Specifically, the pill-shaped design will contain the selfie camera and infrared sensor, while the circular hole next to it will contain the Face ID facial recognition projector.

Like the iPhone 4, released in 2010, the iPhone 14 Pro Max model can use the circular volume buttons on the side instead of the current flat, the glass or antenna strip is also designed like the iPhone 4. .

Another rumor suggests that Apple is planning to remove the physical SIM slot, replacing it with an eSIM. However, iPhone 14 with a physical SIM slot will probably still be sold in countries that have not yet adopted the eSIM standard.


The high-end iPhone 14 series Pro and Pro Max are said to have screens with 120Hz refresh rates. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max with a “softer price” will be 60Hz like the iPhone 13. However, according to recent speculation, the iPhone 14 Max may also have a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

Reports suggest that LG will supply large-sized LTPO OLED screens for iPhones by the time the iPhone 14 is about to be released instead of small sizes for Apple Watch as before, so users can expect to see High refresh rate on all iPhones by 2022.

Another rumor says that Apple has given China’s largest screen maker BOE a test batch for iPhone screens. If BOE meets Apple’s requirements, it will cause supply pressure for Samsung and LG, forcing these two “big men” to reduce the price of their screens.

However, BOE has not yet entered the LTPO game and does not produce OLED screens with high refresh rates, so it will likely only supply screens for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max are said to have the largest screen up to 6.7 inches, while the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are 6.1 inches.

Specifications and hardware

The super powerful A16 Bionic chip is expected to power the iPhone 14. Many reports suggest that the A16 Bionic could be built on a 4nm or even 3nm manufacturing process, which will certainly do wonders for the performance. its overall efficiency and power saving ability. However, there are also rumors that Apple’s next chipset will still be manufactured on the 5nm process, the reason is because of the global shortage of semiconductors, making TSMC, the largest chip maker. for Apple having difficulty with the 3nm manufacturing process.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected to be the first iPhone models with up to 8 GB of RAM, which will certainly improve on the already great multitasking mode of “apple defect”, creating a record new for iPhone, currently iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are leading with 6 GB.

Battery and charger

Currently, there is not much information about the capacity or battery life of the iPhone 14. But with the known information about the battery of the iPhone 13, we can rest assured with the iPhone 14. Specifically, the iPhone 13 mini has battery capacity of 2,406mAh, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro is 3,095mAh and iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most “huge” with 4,352mAh providing outstanding battery life.

The iPhone 14 will likely have wireless charging, but it’s unclear if all iPhone 14 models will. This may only be for the Pro models as they have the largest batteries.

Huong Dung (According to Phone Arena)

iPhone 14 Pro may disappoint because of this feature

iPhone 14 Pro may disappoint because of this feature

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are rumored to replace the ‘rabbit ears’ design with a ‘perforated’ design. However, the latest information suggests that this may not be the case.


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