All patients admitted to Bach Mai hospital were tested for Covid-19

Patients who are indicated to the hospital are transferred to a screening area for nCoV testing, negative results are admitted to the hospital.

Severe patients, needing to be monitored while waiting for results, will be monitored and treated in the isolation rooms of the departments. This is a request of the leaders of Bach Mai Hospital to prevent Covid-19 from entering.

Associate Professor Nguyen Quang Tuan, Director of Bach Mai Hospital, said that when the epidemic showed signs of resurgence, the two-layer review system was set up by the hospital in order not to miss people with epidemiological risk factors. import.

Accordingly, right from the entrance to the hospital, a dedicated team is tasked with checking the body temperature with an electronic thermometer and spraying disinfectant alcohol for all people.

Control barrier, the second screening at the Examination and Examination Department on request, is responsible for the 2nd body temperature check by machine, spraying disinfectant alcohol and medical declaration. Patients with symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath will be transported directly by medical staff by private tram to the specialized Covid-19 screening area located at Gate 2.

Patients coming to Bach Mai Hospital are mostly severe. “Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden for patients to be cross-infected with Covid-19 during treatment”, Mr. Tuan said.

Measure body temperature for people entering Bach Mai Hospital. Image: Do Hang.

From the beginning of February, 100% of patients indicated for admission to the hospital are transferred to the Covid-19 screening area. In addition, to minimize exposure to risk factors, the hospital has also requested comprehensive care implementation simultaneously. In the hospital ward, doctors and nurses not only diagnose and treat patients but also take care of every meal, sleep, and personal hygiene of the patient instead.

The hospital also tests Covid -19 for all hospital staff. The Department of Infection Control ensures adequate protective equipment for staff participating in the fight against epidemics.

Bach Mai Hospital established a field hospital right on the hospital campus to prevent the worst situations when the epidemic happened complicatedly. The field hospital with 64 beds is separated from the hospital’s treatment area to ensure absolute safety for patients and medical staff.

Bach Mai set up a field hospital right on campus.  Photo: Thanh Duong.

Bach Mai set up a field hospital on campus. Image: Thanh Duong.

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