All doctors at Bach Mai Hospital tested for nCoV after Tet

HanoiBefore returning to work after Tet holiday, all officers, staff and employees of Bach Mai Hospital must test Covid-19.

Staff of the service units in Bach Mai Hospital also have to test Covid-19, every day to work, they must report to the focal unit. Trainees must be certified by the training facility to enter the hospital to practice and make a daily medical report.

This is a request from hospital director Nguyen Quang Tuan to establish safety barriers for patients, patients’ families and medical staff in this epidemic.

Mr. Tuan asked to continue testing Covid-19 for all inpatient hospital patients. Maintain the implementation of inpatient bed spacing and isolator rooms in the units. Outpatient areas, especially on-demand medical examination and examination departments, must quickly screen, divide, divide, and report medical …

Medical staff of Bach Mai Hospital took samples for nCoV testing after Tet holiday. Image: The Anh.

The leaders of Bach Mai Hospital said that Covid-19 screening clinic of Bach Mai Hospital only conducts testing for people who come for medical examination and treatment or family members are allowed to stay and care for patients at the request of the treatment unit. . The hospital does not perform tests at the request of individuals or organizations.

To prevent epidemics, only one family member can enter and exit the ward when necessary. This family member must also be tested for Covid-19 and a medical report is required for each entry into the room. Bach Mai Hospital undertakes comprehensive care for patients.

Some agencies and hospitals conduct Covid-19 screening tests for medical staff and staff after Tet. Medlatec Hospital, for example, took samples from staff on February 14, before they returned to their offices and facilities across the country.

Le Nga