Aline, the false biopic of Valérie Lemercier on Celine Dion, once again postponed

Victim of the pandemic and the closing of theaters in France, the film was due out last fall. Spectators will find out a year late.

Valérie Lemercier will not be able to demonstrate her musical talents for several months. At the helm of the fake biopic on Celine Dion and in which she plays the leading role, the 56-year-old actress takes her trouble patiently afterAline was once again postponed, as Gaumont announced on Tuesday. A disappointment for fans of the Québécoise singer and a (umpteenth) setback for the production which now expects a release in November.

This feature film is Valérie Lemercier’s sixth as a director. Freely inspired by the life of the Canadian singer, he stages Aline Dieu, a young girl with a golden voice, revealed to the general public after meeting her future husband, producer Guy-Claude Kamar (played by Sylvain Marcel) . A film which, according to actress Geneviève Morissette (Aline’s sister) pays homage to Celine Dion’s career.

Cinemas still closed

This postponement comes in an increasingly complicated context for theaters, kept closed because of the pandemic. Attendance at cinemas fell by 70% in 2020 and the sector is bloodless. While a reopening of cinemas had been planned for January 7, before being dismissed by the executive, the world of culture still hopes for a potential relaxation of the health protocol by the end of the month.


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