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Alimony: the deputies vote on the wire a text for the recipient parent

The deputies adopted Thursday, October 6 on the gong a proposed MoDem law, against the opinion of the government, aiming to allow the parent receiving alimony to deduct it from his reference tax income.

The text, submitted by Aude Luquet (MoDem group), was adopted almost unanimously by voters (46 for, 1 against and 5 abstentions). Its legislative future is uncertain because the deputies of the Renaissance group, allies of the MoDem in the majority, chose not to participate in the vote at first reading.

In its version submitted in public session, the main article of the text provides that the parent receiving the pension can deduct it from his reference tax income, thus granting him some advantages on scholarships or the energy check for example. It was supported by the MoDem, the Nupes, and the RN.

Text tabled as part of a “parliamentary niche”

“Intuitively your bill seems to strike at the corner of common sense”, said Olivia Grégoire, Minister in charge of SMEs. Summoning a “a serious breach in the calculation of the reference tax income”and economic consequences that are difficult to predict given the number of measures impacted by the reference tax income, it nevertheless issued an unfavorable opinion on the text.

Denis Masséglia (Renaissance), warned him against a “tiebreaker”, warning that in the absence of sufficient information on the effects of the measure, his group would not take part in the vote. Horizons MPs voted but abstained.

The text was submitted as part of a “parliamentary niche”. His examination, which began around 10:40 p.m., absolutely had to end before midnight. Most of the deputies ostensibly shortened their speeches, under the encouragement of certain colleagues, to give the vote a chance to stand.


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