Alcohol poisoning soaked in tubers

As tall asThe 66-year-old man, after drinking alcohol soaked, began to struggle, irritate, chest tightness, difficulty breathing.

When entering Cao Bang General Hospital on January 6, the patient had tachycardia, arrhythmia. Doctors tested and diagnosed him with poisoning from drinking alcohol soaked in larvae. The patient was intubated, ventilated, used anti-toxic drugs, antiarrhythmic, vasomotor.

After two days, the patient quit the ventilator, and her health was stable.

The tuber contains toxicity, doctors recommend with caution when using.

Jujube root, also known as head umbrella, ship bear, bear bulb … is the root of the head tree, the scientific name aconitium forrtuni Hemsl, belongs to Mao Luong family, often grows wild or planted in the border area. North as Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Lao Cai … The main toxic component of the larvae is aconitin (a tongue numbing agent) and other alcalloid.

Doctor Do Tien Anh – Emergency Department, said in Oriental medicine, the aconitin poison in the larvae is listed in the list of poisonous group A, but also a valuable medicine after being carefully prepared.

Alcohol soaked in jaundice is often used as a massage medicine to treat limb pain, numbness, joint failure, bruising due to touch. This is a fairly popular remedy circulating among folk, and is processed in many forms such as soaking fresh, soaking dry, slicing gold stars in wine. In particular, folk still consider the tuber to be a tonic, which can be eaten and drunk when properly processed, such as cooking porridge, wine soaked with yellow starfish.

If handled improperly, the tubers are still toxic. Eating porridge or drinking alcohol soaked in a poisonous vessel, poisoning symptoms usually appear immediately, patients have a feeling of numbness around the mouth, lips, tongue, vomiting, nervous system disorders, convulsions. More severe are life-threatening cardiovascular disorders such as arrhythmias. These disorders can cause collapse of blood pressure and lead to rapid death.

Because the tubers are very toxic, the doctor recommends not use them on your own. Care must be taken when using inoculants containing a tuberous bulbous substance according to the instructions of an experienced physician. Do not prepare the tubers for food yourself if you do not know how to prepare them to remove the toxins. Do not drink alcohol soaked from the larvae, it will lead to poisoning that can lead to death. The alcohol soaked in the tubers used for massage must be clearly labeled, stored carefully, out of reach of children. When there are symptoms of poisoning, the patient should be promptly taken to the hospital for timely treatment.

Thuy Quynh