Albert Dupontel: “the ego of the leaders is bankrupting the planet”

The reopening of places of culture and cinemas inspires the director ofGoodbye idiots which won seven Caesar and re-emerges on May 19.

“To say that a movie is the best is embarrassing.” His triumph at the César has not changed Albert Dupontel, a filmmaker who likes to press where it hurts and is always wary of prizes and rewards, as he confides on the occasion of the reopening of theaters. The king of acid and absurd comedy did not attend the high mass of French cinema in March where his “Burlesque tragedy” Goodbye idiots, which emerges on May 19, won seven statuettes. Including those for best film and best director.

To be an artist is to try to raise the level of consciousness, to leave a little your vanity of recognition, of box office, and to say this is what I see in the world.

Albert Dupontel

Satire on the “Difficulty in loving each other in a repressive and anxiety-provoking world”, Goodbye Cons attracted 700,000 spectators in theaters, in just over a week, before the last confinement suspended the screening. “To be an artist is to try to raise the level of consciousness, to leave a little your vanity of recognition, of box office, and to say this is what I see” of the world, relativizes the director. In the immediate future, the Caesar allow us to give a “Spotlight” on the re-release of the film in the cinema, a meeting as funny as it is touching of a man who no longer wanted to live (Albert Dupontel) with a woman condemned by an illness (Virginie Efira), under the patronage of an old blind man (Nicolas Marié ).

Going to the movies is a joyful submission!

“That culture reopens is great because people will be able to confront themselves. What the dominant do not like, whether they are political, religious or merchant … When we think, we can then disobey. And that might not be worse! ”, notes this longtime nonconformist, whose Pantheon ranges from Monty Pythons to Chaplin through the writer George Orwell. He looks forward to finding his “protocol” personal: scooter then film session at lunch break. Or even better, “At 9 am, when there is nobody … Watching films, isolating myself in the dark, I love that”. “Going to the movies is a joyous submission! It’s going to see people bigger than you, leaving your chips, your beer, your sofa and locking yourself in a place where you are going to travel ”.

During the six months of closure, this ritual was suspended and the director of Bernie and Goodbye up there took the opportunity to complete a “Zero version” from the screenplay of his next film. A work “Long and laborious, as usual” at this craftsman of the image, perfectionist and anguished. The result, titled Second round attacks political power, with the story of an election candidate that seems “Smooth as a pebble” but reveals its cracks.
A “Political fable” by a director who has never voted, but denounces, sitting for the promotion of his film in a hotel lounge a stone’s throw from the Elysee, the “Famous human ego of the leaders which is in the process of bankrupting the planet”. The dreams of the great winner of the Caesar? Adapt Victor Hugo, Sea workers, “A magnificent story about sublime love”, or make a film about Napoleon, a character “Crazy but fascinating”.


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