Albatros, Les Olympiades, Compartment n ° 6… Films to see or avoid this week

An exhausted gendarme, a group of young people from the 13th arrondissement, a difficult rail share. Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

To have

Albatross , a drama by Xavier Beauvois, 1h55

Laurent is a runny man. This non-commissioned officer of the gendarmerie throws the glove. Daily life is not rosy. […] Albatross takes place in Étretat. As elsewhere, life carries its share of banal misery. We must bring the drunks home (the director himself embodies the staggering drunkard). […] The missions consist of stopping a teenage boy on a scooter who rides without a helmet, and clearing the beach in torrential rain. […] Beauvois, who undoubtedly could have avoided a hallucination sequence, has no equal when it comes to scrutinizing shattered souls. He describes loneliness, remorse, incomprehension. His film has strength, a power that does not exclude moments of intimacy. We see the swell of feelings, the absurdity in a blue sweater, tired bodies, an almost haggard France. Beauvois is unique in the landscape. His giant wings do not prevent him from filming. É. NOT.

The Olympics , a dramatic comedy by Jacques Audiard, 1h46

Jacques Audiard surveys a new territory, the Olympiades, a district of slabs and towers in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, pushed during the Olympic Games in Grenoble in 1968. A landscape already filmed by Axelle Ropert in the very beautiful Stick out your tongue miss. The director ofa prophet discovers above all a new discipline: the chronicle. […] Émilie, Camille, Nora and Amber flirt, sleep, love and suffer, by interposed screens or not. These young people are struggling too, in their studies and their work. Audiard looks at this lost generation without value judgment or moralizing discourse. On the contrary, we discover an unexpected lightness and humor in him – the scenes with Camille’s sister, a stand-up fan, are very funny. […] Alongside Noémie Merlant, beginners Lucie Zhang and Makita Samba burst the screen, magnified by a staging that is always fluid and elegant. Even elsewhere, Audiard is there. É. S.

Compartment n ° 6 , a drama by Juho Kuosmanen, 1h47

Laura has the top bunk. This blonde Finn shares her compartment with a Russian with a shaved head who doesn’t spit on vodka. She is studying archeology and wants to discover petroglyphs, rocks adorned with designs dating back thousands of years. That is why she leaves Moscow and goes to the north of the country. Her lover Irina was supposed to accompany her, but she canceled at the last moment. His companion bittern shrugs his shoulders at this absurd project. Ljoha works in a coal mine, speaks a cartman’s language, dips his fingers in a jar of pickles. She isolates herself in the dining car, asks the surly controller if there are no other free seats. Wasted effort. […] Juho Kuosmanen (Olli Mäki) films as close as possible to bodies and faces. His second feature film has a rough generosity, spares surprises, for example with this song by Desireless as a soundtrack. As for the heroine (irresistible Seidi Haarla), she wins all hearts after her, with her red nose, her chipped nail polish and her eyes full of innocence. The future smiles on him. Chances are he will turn radiant. She deserves it. É. NOT.

The Eternals , a fantastic film by Chloé Zhao, 2h37

There are many who consider The Eternals, new Marvel blockbuster, like the ugly duckling of the firm. Everything is indeed a little unusual about this feature film with a colossal budget: the choice of director Chloé Zhao and the headliners, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kit Harington or Richard Madden. A great connoisseur of the Marvel universe, Chloé Zhao takes up the mystical-religious framework built by Jack Kirby in 1976, and adapts it to the climate-ecological concerns of the 3rd millennium. His film is visually impressive and the action sequences powerful. The special effects, very successful, give credit to the story. Classic Marvel superhero movie gimmicks are treated in minor. And second-degree humor offers some counterpoints. The director of Nomadland highlights humanity in its diversity in the face of its announced end. While the communitarian or intersectional withdrawal is everywhere, will it be understood? OD

You can see

Many Saints of Newark. A story of the sopranos , a detective film by Alan Taylor, 2:03

Fourteen years after the end of the series The Sopranos, here is the “prequel”. But Tony is not the hero. It is his uncle Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola, excellent). Gangster film, violent, harsh, old-fashioned, it spares the viewer nothing. Racial tensions, night shootings, instinctual murders, the great family of the Italian mafia of Newark appear as a band of thugs thirsty for money, all observed by young Tony. Hard but very effective. OD

Careless Crime , a drama by Shahram Mokri, 2h19

In a town in Iran, an arsonist remembers the dramatic fire at the Rex cinema in 1978. He slips into the establishment in question. Begin to go back and forth between the projected film (vague story of soldiers discovering a missile in the countryside) and what takes place in the room. Ellipses and off-screen multiply to the point of oddity. We lose our Iranian. Fortunately, the filmmaker relies on excellent actors. But what do we remember from his conjuring trick? Especially since it is very long. BP

Burning Casablanca , drama by Ismaêl el Iraki, 2h

The director’s first feature film, this film is a very good surprise. He explores the highly combustible encounter in Casablanca between a fallen rock star and a street girl. Dope and violence come together in this initiatory road movie bathed in El Iraki’s love for rock. The concert scene is also remarkably filmed. And the film carries high the flame of passion, whether musical or romantic, against a background of social realism. A revelation ! WE


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