Alain Delon: “De Gaulle is not dead, he will never die”

In Is Paris Burning? by René Clément, Alain Delon wanted to play Jacques Chaban-Delmas, the youngest general of Free France. Gaullist claimed since his younger years, the famous French actor, came out of his reserve – he is slowly recovering from a stroke – on the fiftieth anniversary of the death of General de Gaulle to repeat at the microphone of Jacques Vendroux on France Info all the admiration he still continues to show her.

On November 8, the Samurai celebrated his 85th birthday and today, November 9, he remembers that Charles de Gaulle disappeared half a century ago, in 1970. For a man of symbol like Alain Delon, this chance has a meaning, he does not hesitate to suggest it to Jacques Vendroux: “ Today is my birthday and tomorrow is the anniversary of his death. But for me, he is not dead. He will never die. He’s in my heart as he’s been for years. For me, it’s a tribute, it’s not the anniversary of his death.

Then taking again in his own way the words of Montaigne about his friendship with La Boétie “Because it was him, because it was me“, Alain Delon explains the almost irrational link which attaches him to the gesture and to the memory of the General:”I admired him because he was General de Gaulle and he deserved to be admired. It’s very funny because a few days ago I noticed in the newspapers that there were those who admired him and those who hated him. I don’t understand why we hated him. I can not forget it. I am too close to him. I was too close to him lately. And then de Gaulle is de Gaulle. It is like that and it will be like that until the end.

I admired him because he was General de Gaulle and he deserved to be admired

Alain Delon, for the 50th anniversary of the death of Charles de Gaulle

For Alain Delon de Gaulle, whom he met twice during his life, belongs to the history of France, like Bonaparte: “My comparison may be bold or surprising, but they are people like Napoleon. This cannot be forgotten. We can not. It’s the general. It was above all the greatness of France. France would not be France if it had not been for de Gaulle.

Is Paris Burning? by René Clément in 1966, with Alain Delon, Kirk Douglas, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Jean-Paul Belmondo …


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