Alain Chabat: “I am a bad businessman, otherwise I would have made Didier 2 and five Asterix”

After Realitythe ex-Nuls finds Quentin Dupieux in Incredible but true, a joyful mix of the absurd and the fantastic to be found in theaters this Wednesday. Meeting with a man who swears only by comedy.

Alain Chabat is not a fan of the interview. “Talking about yourself all day, do it once you’ll see, we can’t stand each other anymore. But Incredible but true, I’m happy to discuss it,” explains the ex-Nuls, excellent in the new comedy by Quentin Dupieux. We found in the documentation of the Figaro one of his first interviews published in the press, when he was a young radio host on RMC. “Chabat le Gonzo”, a portrait published in The Morning of ParisJanuary 20, 1982. He is shown the article, yellowed by time. “I remember the first sentence: “Alain Chabat, twenty-three years old, does not, strictly speaking, possess the beauty of the devil.” Super the beginning of the paper: frankly, it does not look like anything. Ok thank you, what else?

Le FIGARO.- In this article, you said you wanted to write screenplays and live in New York…

Alain CHABAT.- I didn’t live in New York but I almost lived in the United States at one time. Rather West Coast…

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