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Akhundzada can become supreme leader in Taliban government today, India said – no official information yet

Kabul: After the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, a big decision can be taken about the government today. According to Afghan sources, there will be an important announcement about the new government in Kabul after Friday prayers. The Taliban is all set to announce the formation of a new government on the lines of Iran in Kabul. The Taliban’s biggest religious leader, Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzada, will be made the supreme leader of Afghanistan.

Government will be formed on the lines of leadership in Iran!

In the new government, 60-year-old Mullah Akhundzada will be the supreme leader of the Taliban government. This arrangement will be done on the lines of leadership in Iran, where the supreme leader is the country’s largest political and religious authority. His position is above that of the President and he appoints the heads of the army, government and the judicial system. The decision of the supreme leader is final in the political, religious and military affairs of the country.

India does not have official information

The Taliban have already appointed governors, police chiefs and police commanders for provinces and districts. The name of the new administration system, the national flag and the national anthem are yet to be decided. At the same time, in this matter, India has said that it has not received any official information yet.

Women demonstrated in Herat

On the other hand, after the withdrawal of America from Afghanistan and Taliban control, there was the first demonstration of women. In Herat, women demonstrated outside the provincial office, raising their voice for the right to work.

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