Airplane and “land yacht”: the political class flabbergasted by Galtier’s sarcasm and Mbappé’s laughter

A scene that risks sticking to their crampons for a long time. During a press conference on Monday, September 5, PSG coach Christophe Galtier was questioned by a journalist about his team’s last trip by plane to Nantes, two days earlier. “To be very honest with you, this [lundi] morning we spoke with the company that organizes our trips and we are trying to see if we can not travel by sand yacht »he replied, while his player, the international Kylian Mbappé, bursts out laughing.

A sarcasm that does not pass, after a summer when the private jet trips of the very wealthy were highly criticized. At the start of the evening, the Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra pointed the finger at the behavior of the coach. “Mr. Galtier, you have accustomed us to more relevant and responsible responses – are we talking about it? » she wrote on social media.

The sequel after the ad

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It was then the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo who criticized the words of the coach of the reigning French champions. “No, but it’s okay to answer stuff like that???? Wake up guys??? This is Paris »wrote on his Twitter account the mayor of the capital.

“When your name is Paris Saint-Germain, you represent Paris and its values. The climatic contempt of Galtier and Mbappé is unacceptable! The leaders of PSG must explain themselves! » for his part, tweeted David Belliard, ecologist deputy to the town hall of Paris.

“The giggle of their life”

Elected officials from left and right have pointed to the mockery of the coach and his player. “Imagine their reaction when they find out that the next World Cup is in Qatar in air-conditioned stadiums, with human rights shattered and 6,500 workers dead. The giggles of their lives »sharply reprimanded the ecologist deputy Sandrine Rousseau, while the deputy and climate activist Alma Dufour tweeted laconically: “Bring home the shame. »

“To say that you have influence and that you use it to despise a means of transport that many French people cannot even afford…” adds MEP Place Publique Aurore Lalucq.

The sequel after the ad

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Invited during the morning of BFMTV, the Minister of the Economy also reacted. “I think it was the least opportune moment to have a giggle. We all need to take global warming seriously.”, explained Bruno Le Maire. Before adding that on this subject, “the irony is misplaced”.

Macronist deputies also expressed their amazement at the scene. “Can the issue of the climate emergency still make people laugh? Quite surreal sequence, devastating for the football community and shocking after a particularly alarming summer”, says Vice-President of the Economic Affairs Committee Anne-Laurence Petel.

“Heartbreaking and small. Just irresponsible and full of smugness”concluded the LR president of the Grand-Est region, Jean Rottner.

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