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Air India resumes operations of Boeing B777 for America, first flight departs

5G Internet Rollout: Amidst the introduction of 5G internet service in the US, Air India has started operating the aircraft after permission from the US administration. On Wednesday, Air India canceled 14 flights on the India-US route. The shipping system of aircraft may be affected by the new 5G service.

Air India said in a statement, Boeing has given permission to operate Air India in the US on the B777. The first flight to John F Kennedy Airport took off this morning. Rest of the flights will also leave for San Francisco and Chicago during the day. Arrangements are being made to bring the stranded passengers. The case of the B777 flying over the United States has been resolved.

Earlier, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) chief Arun Kumar had said that the Indian aviation regulator is working in close coordination with our airlines to overcome the situation arising out of 5G internet service in the US.

US Aviation: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on January 14 that the impact of 5G on a plane’s radio altimeter could cause engine and braking systems to stall, causing the plane to stop on the runway.

A total of three airlines – American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Air India currently operate direct flights between India and the US. Air India said in a tweet on Wednesday that it will not operate eight India-US flights on Wednesday due to the start of 5G communication service in the US.

These eight Air India flights included Delhi-New York, New York-Delhi, Delhi-Chicago, Chicago-Delhi, Delhi-San Francisco, San Francisco-Delhi, Delhi-Newark and Newark-Delhi.


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