Aid of 500 euros to employees who “green” their travel

Cyclists rue de Rivoli, in Paris, July 30, 2020 (CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / AFP)

Companies will now be able to pay their employees who travel in a non-polluting way aid of 500 euros per year and per employee, against 400 previously. The device remains optional. Even if some MEPs wanted the measure to be mandatory, it is not a new burden for companies which implement it if they wish. Other deputies, them, pleaded for a sum of 800 euros, it is finally 500 which was retained.

This measure, the Prime Minister had committed to it at the end of September, and the Citizens’ Convention on the climate had requested it. It was therefore adopted in the finance committee. It still has to be voted on by MPs and Senators, but there is no suspense.

To benefit from this help, the first condition is to work in a company that offers this help. Second condition : make an effort for the planet yourself. So you have to come to work by bike (electric or mechanical), pay for self-service bike rentals, or even scooters or scooters. It can also be the practice of carpooling or carsharing.

The aid ceiling is therefore 500 euros, but this can be combined with the reimbursement by the company of public transport costs. In Île-de-France, for example, where the amount of the Navigo subscription exceeds 400 euros per year, the measure is mainly aimed at employees who do not use public transport. Motorists are mainly targeted by this aid.

In detail, the conditions will be specified company by company, but it will be necessary to provide supporting documents or certificates on honor. Another solution is being implemented, that of a prepaid card system, as for restaurant ticket cards. The large restaurant voucher networks prepare cards with which employees can pay their travel expenses. “green”. The adoption of this new sustainable mobility package should give this new system a boost.

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