Aid: 130 billion loans for SMEs

For months, businesses such as hotels, restaurants or small businesses have been kept on a drip thanks in particular to the loan guaranteed by the State. In total, 630,000 companies have already benefited from the EMP, or 128.7 billion euros distributed. Among them, a disguise shop in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône). In the absence of parties, the costumes no longer sell. The manager has requested a loan of more than 100,000 euros, half of which has already been used up: “I would have been in bankruptcy, insolvency, it would have been catastrophic, luckily we had this PGE”.

Aid that will have to be repaid from April. A perspective that worries the manager: “I expected to repay 50% on the date and the other 50% over three, four years. I couldn’t pay it back in full, it’s impossible “, explains the manager. Businesses can apply for a deferral and start repaying their loan in 2022. When aid stops, the main danger for small bosses is over-indebtedness. Some experts predict a rise of more than 20% business bankruptcies by next year.

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