After the success of the Father, Florian Zeller will take his play The Son to the cinema

The Father, the playwright’s debut film, starring Anthony Hopkins, made the Oscar selection with six nominations. And encourages him to relaunch in the adventure with the adaptation of Son.

Best Film, Best Adaptation, Best Actor for Anthony Hopkins, Best Supporting Actor for Olivia Colman, Best Sets and Best Adaptation. With six Oscar nominations, The Father in French) by Florian Zeller, the adaptation of his play on an old man losing his mind to whose bedside his daughter is going, is already enjoying great fame.

With this triumph, the playwright does not intend to stop there. Speaking via Zoom after the announcement of the nominations, he revealed to the specialist site Deadline that he was finishing an adaptation of the last of his plays, The Son (The son). “Now I know this is the story I want to tell in film form. It’s pretty clear in my mind. I’m finishing the script right now», Entrusted the young director to our American colleagues. If Florian Zeller already has the casting in mind, he has not revealed anything.

The son is a special piece for its author, who has not wanted to write since. Last part of a trilogy that counts The mother and The father, it features a depressed teenager who accuses his father of having abandoned them and his mother to live with another woman.

A tragedy in the vein of Dad, embodied in the cinema by the fabulous Anthony Hopkins, whom Florian Zeller will describe in an interview with Figaro “One of the greatest living actors, a legend”. Prior to the Oscars, the film received four Golden Globe nominations (Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Male Actor, Best Supporting Female Actress). And received a standing ovation at Sundance and San Sebastian festivals. A recognition of the profession which did not fail to move Florian Zeller, dubbed, in this difficult year for the film industry.

Even if this first film, due in theaters on April 7, if the pandemic allows it, left empty-handed from the Golden globes, it already enjoys an extraordinary fate. The Oscars ceremony on April 26 could accentuate the trend.


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