After the remake of West Side Story, Steven Spielberg is preparing a new version of Bullitt

The filmmaker will tackle the production of an original story centered on Frank Bullitt, the emblematic character played by Steve McQueen in the 1968 thriller, shot by Peter Yates.

Honest, stubborn in his search for the truth, anti-conformist… Frank Bullitt played brilliantly by Steve McQueen in the thriller Bullitt, filmed by Peter Yates in 1968, will be taken over by Steven Spielberg. The specialized site Deadline announces that the multi-award-winning filmmaker, author of a remake of West Side Story, concocts an original story centered on the character. The project, still in draft form, will be produced by Steve McQueen’s son Chad and granddaughter Molly.

The original film features Frank Bullitt, a San Francisco cop on the hunt for the mob boss who killed his witness. Considered one of Steve McQueen’s most iconic roles, the film features one of the most famous car chase scenes in movie history, capturing the “Highland Green” Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback the actor was driving .

In the meantime, Steven Spielberg tackles the autobiographical film The Fabelmans. Although the details of the scenario remain confidential, the feature film is described, by variety , as a semi-autobiographical project inspired by his childhood in Arizona in the 1950s. It will relate the divorce of his parents, a source of inspiration for his film AND the Extraterrestrial (1982) and the genesis of his cinematographic work. Scheduled in American theaters next November, the film promises a cast of choice, integrating alongside the young Gabriel Labelle elected to play the filmmaker in his debut, Paul Dano and Michelle Williams the luminary David Lynch.


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