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After the occupation of Afghanistan, talks between China and the Taliban took place in Kabul for the first time

China Talks Taliban: A Chinese official said on Wednesday that Beijing has established its first diplomatic contact with the Taliban since its occupation of Afghanistan and that the two sides now have “seamless and effective dialogue”. The Taliban took control of the country on August 15, two weeks ahead of the deadline set by the US for a full withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told the media, “There is an uninterrupted and effective dialogue between China and the Afghan Taliban.” He was asked about talks in Kabul between Abdul Salam Hanafi, the deputy head of the Taliban’s political office, and Wang Yu, the Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan. “Kabul is naturally an important forum and medium for discussions on important issues,” Wang said without giving details about the talks.

He said, “China respects the independent decisions made by the Afghan people regarding their own future and fate, supports the Afghan leadership and the implementation of Afghan-owned principles, and develops good neighborly relations of friendship and cooperation with Afghanistan.” and is ready to play a constructive role in peace and reconstruction in the country.”

India, the US and other countries closed their diplomatic missions after the Taliban captured Kabul on August 15, while China, along with Pakistan and Russia, kept its embassies open in Kabul. The Taliban’s capture of Kabul shocked the world. During this, China remained calm and called for an inclusive government in Kabul.

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