After the fiasco at the Stade de France, massive security measures for the France-Denmark match

Just over 2,000 police and gendarmes, including 650 dedicated to the fight against crime around the Stade de France, are mobilized this Friday, June 3 to ensure the security of the France-Denmark match at the Stade de France after the fiasco on Saturday last.

Chaos at the Stade de France: shame beyond borders

The Paris police headquarters issued a press release on Thursday giving details of this device after a meeting at the Ministry of the Interior which was devoted to it. This meeting gathered around the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, the prefect of police of Paris, Didier Lallement, and his services, according to a source close to the file.

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Device “oriented on public order”

For this meeting, which does not present any particular risks, according to several police sources interviewed by AFP, the PP indicated that “nearly 77,000 spectators are expected”. “1,800 tickets have been allocated to Danish spectators”, she added. Last Saturday during the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, 22,000 tickets were allocated to English supporters, as many to Spaniards.

The PP specified that it was setting up a system this Friday “focused on public order, the fight against crime and the regulation of the flow of people”. Furthermore, she added, “in order to contain the impact of the strike announced at the RATP, a specific flow regulation device is put in place at the exit of the RER D”.

Incidents at the Stade de France: the course of this evening of chaos

To avoid the snatching and other acts of delinquency which took place on Saturday evening near the stadium, the police headquarters has planned to dedicate a little more than 600 “staff in the fight against crime in the vicinity and on the outskirts of the Stade de France, as well as in transport stations”.

The protective perimeter of the stadium will be put in place “from 3 p.m.”. “The verification of tickets, under the control of the organizer, will be carried out at the level of the access terminals. The security forces will ensure upstream and on the forecourt to maintain public order and security.detailed the PP.

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“We don’t play in the same category”

This significant deployment of law enforcement for a meeting which is not considered to be at risk comes after the chaos which surrounded the Champions League final on Saturday May 28. “Putting the package for a meeting between two national teams, they know how to do but prepare and anticipate when it comes to two European clubs with great internationals, no”reacted to “Obs” a police union source.

Why the incidents at the Stade de France are becoming a political affair

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The images of spectators crowded together behind the gates of the Stade de France, of security forces intervening with tear gas have gone around the world, triggering a lively controversy that goes far beyond the borders of France on France’s ability to host the Olympic Games in two years.

Several police sources interviewed by AFP were ironic about the scale of the device planned for Friday, worrying that the fiasco last Saturday did not provoke an investigation into the chain of command. “It would be a mistake to say that the police headquarters will not have failed if tonight things go better than Saturday. We don’t play in the same category.we said to the “Obs”.

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