After the failed deal with MobiFone, AVG has just found a new stop

Global Audiovisual Joint Stock Company has completed the purchase and sale transaction to transfer the border to a new investor.

A source of ICTnews said that the Global Audiovisual Joint Stock Company (AVG) has been transferred to a new partner. However, this acquisition is still “in the secret”, as the company has not released official information.

The source also revealed that a large Vietnamese bank was involved in the deal, with the goal of completing the bank’s digital ecosystem and providing customers with a range of convenient digital services.

Global Audiovisual Joint Stock Company was licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications to provide pay television services, officially providing the service on 11/11/2011 with the brand name An Vien Television. In January 2016, MobiFone acquired 95% of the shares of the Global Audiovisual Joint Stock Company (AVG) and changed the name of An Vien Television service to MobiTV Television.

MobiFone spent 8,890 billion VND to buy back 344.66 million shares, equivalent to 95% of AVG’s shares with the purchase price of approximately 25,800 VND/share.

After that, AVG was hesitant to put information on the media after the failed MobiFone deal to buy 95% of AVG’s shares.

After receiving the MobiTV TV service back, AVG currently has about 1 million pay TV subscribers. In addition, AVG provides transmission services for local television channels and a number of socialization channels on two digital terrestrial and digital satellite television systems.

In December 2020, AVG announced a new strategy with a vision to become a leading corporation in the field of television services and cross-platform content. When entering the television market 10 years ago, AVG is the only private company owning a dual infrastructure platform of satellite television technology and single-frequency terrestrial digital coverage nationwide, which is considered as “” the most advanced technologies in the world for digital television transmission and broadcasting”.

Based on that premise, entering a new phase, the company continues to invest in technology, content and intelligent data analysis systems to create a “circle of diffusion” ecosystem of products and services. Customer-centricity is based on 3 pillars of diversified transmission infrastructure including: Digital terrestrial television, digital satellite television, Internet television and digital platforms to help products and services of the company. AVG overcomes all distances, bringing unlimited choices and optimal convenience to customers.

AVG representative said, along with the product and service ecosystem, AVG also combines the implementation of multi-channel (Multichannel) and multi-channel linking (Omnichannel) to develop “multi-point user touch” in a convenient way. fast”. This is also the core point of AVG’s development strategy to build multi-platform products and services to create real values ​​to meet the needs of the market.

AVG has launched the most advanced channel package with up to more than 150 channels with 34 high-quality HD channels that are loved by many people such as: HBO, FOX Movies, AXN, National Geographic, FOX Sports HD, WarnerTV, HTV2, THVL1, Thuan Viet …. The highlight of the new channel packages is that customers can add channels that are “hot” in the market, and the channel list will also be sorted by content groups to help the audience easily follow and enjoy.

Currently, the television market is considered fierce competition between Vietnamese companies and many foreign cross-border service providers such as Netflix, Facebook, Google… However, cross-border television services and cross-border social networks are accounting for a huge chunk of revenue for television units. Social networks and multimedia communication methods, smart devices, digitization trends continue to grow strongly, causing television units to face many challenges in maintaining audiences and growing. digital platforms.

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