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After the attack on Ukraine, Russia admitted heavy loss, gave this statement regarding the death of soldiers

The Russo-Ukraine War is now more than 40 days away. In such a situation, for the first time Russia has accepted its heavy military loss in this war. Russian military spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted in a media briefing on Thursday that Russia has lost a significant amount of soldiers in this war. However, during this time Dmitry did not give the number of casualties.

During this, Dmitry has denied the incident of massacre in Bucha, Ukraine. In an interview given to Britain’s Sky News, Dmitry said that the number of soldiers killed is a matter of sadness for us. However, he has not given any information about the number of soldiers killed by him. At the same time, earlier in March, Russia had confirmed the deaths of 1,351 soldiers and confirmed the injuries of a total of 3,825 soldiers.

US suspends Russia from UN

At the same time, the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday suspended Russia from the world’s top human rights body. The US introduced a resolution to suspend Russia from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). In the 193-member General Assembly (UNGA), 93 votes were cast in favor of the resolution, while 58 countries including India remained absent. 24 votes were cast against the resolution titled ‘Suspension Rights of the Russian Federation’s Membership in the Human Rights Council’. Thus the motion was passed.

Videos of Russian soldiers killing civilians went viral

US Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield launched a campaign to suspend Russia from the 47-member Human Rights Council after photos and videos surfaced of Russian soldiers killing civilians in the Ukrainian city of Bucha. Now Russia has been taken out of the UNHRC. It is noteworthy that Russia is the second country, whose UNHRC membership has been taken away. The General Assembly suspended Libya from the council in 2011.

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