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After the approval of President Putin, the campaign to start the Corona vaccine has started in Russia, know who is being given first.

Corona virus infection is spreading worldwide. People of most countries of the world are waiting for the corona vaccine. Meanwhile, the work of applying Corona vaccine has started in Russia. The campaign started on Saturday in Russia’s capital Moscow. For information, let us know that this vaccine is being given to those people who are more at risk of getting infected.

Recently, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, ordered the launch of a large-scale vaccine campaign. Russia is using a vaccine called ‘Sputnik V’ developed in its own country, which was approved in the month of August. Thousands of doctors, teachers and others have signed on to launch the Corona vaccine, which started on Saturday. At the same time, after getting orders from the President, dozens of centers have been opened to give vaccines.

Mass testing on this vaccine is still going on

Scientists who make ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine claim that this vaccine is 95 percent effective. He says that this vaccine has no negative impact. However, mass trials on this vaccine are still ongoing. Russia claims that this vaccine is the world’s first registered corona vaccine, which was approved by the government in August itself.

International scientists criticized

Earlier, President Putin said that one of his daughters had got the initial vaccine. Russia was criticized by many international scientists. He said that the Putin government has taken this decision in a hurry. Please tell that at that time a human trial of this vaccine was done on a few people.

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