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After talks with Vladimir Putin, the President of France said – ‘The worst is yet to happen in Ukraine’

Ukraine Russia War: Russia’s war against Ukraine continues. Meanwhile, today French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone. The talks between the two leaders lasted for about 90 minutes. After this Macron said that “Putin wants to capture the whole of Ukraine. The worst is yet to happen in Ukraine,” Macron’s close aide informed. Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February. This was the second dialogue between Putin and Macron since then.

Let us tell you that the Russian army is continuously attacking many cities of Ukraine including Kyiv, Kharkiv and Chernihiv. According to the news agency AP, at least 22 civilians were killed in Russia’s attack on the northern city of Chernihiv in Ukraine, rescue workers are searching for others in the rubble.

Russian forces have captured one strategic port and besieged another. Simultaneously, Moscow is trying to cut off its neighbor from the Black Sea. The Russian military said on Thursday it was in control of Kherson, which has a population of 280,000, the first major city to be captured since the start of the Russian offensive last week.

In the midst of these attacks, representatives of Russia and Ukraine met on the Belarus border. In this meeting, Ukraine demanded an immediate end to the war with Russia. Along with this, he talked about giving way for evacuation to the common people trapped in the cities. Hundreds of people have died in the war and more than a million people have left the borders of Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Ukraine that it should immediately accede to the Kremlin’s demand for “demilitarization” and declare itself neutral, abandoning its attempt to join NATO. Putin has been saying for a long time that Ukraine’s turn to the West is a threat to Moscow.

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