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After Pakistan PM Imran Khan, his wife Bushra Bibi is also Corona positive

His wife Bushra Biwi has also been found corona infected after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was found corona positive on Friday. Pakistani media has given this news. It is worth mentioning that PM Imran Khan had vaccinated the Kovid-19 Cyanoform made in China a day before going to Corona positive.

PM Modi wishes for a speedy recovery

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday wished his Pakistani counterpart Imran Khan to recover from Kovid-19 soon. Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on health related matters has reported that Khan has been found infected with the corona virus. Two days before, he had administered the anti-Kovid-19 vaccine. PM Modi tweeted, ‘I wish Prime Minister Imran Khan to get out of Kovid-19 soon.’

Imran had vaccinated on Thursday

Significantly, 68-year-old Imran Khan had administered the anti-Kovid-19 vaccine on Thursday in the first phase of the nationwide vaccination campaign. It is being told that Khan was given a dose of ‘Sinopharm’ vaccine manufactured in China. This is the only Kovid-19 vaccine available in Pakistan.

Dr. Sultan, the Prime Minister’s special advisor to the National Health Service, regulation and composition, confirmed Khan’s contagion on Twitter. He tweeted, ‘Prime Minister Imran Khan is in the grip of Kovid-19 and has isolated himself at his residence.’ Imran Khan spokesperson Dr Shahbaz Gill said that the Prime Minister has mild fever and cough.

The National Health Service, Regulation and Combination Ministry gave clarification on Khan’s vaccination saying that antibodies develop two to three weeks after taking the second dose of Kovid-19 vaccine. The Ministry tweeted, ‘At the time Prime Minister Imran Khan was hit by the virus. Till then, the vaccination had not completely affected them. He took the first dose of the vaccine just two days ago. Two days is too little time for the ANY vaccine to take effect. ‘Meanwhile, Pakistan has the highest number of 3,876 new cases of corona virus infection on a single day this year on Saturday, with the country’s infection rate rising to 9.4 percent. Has occurred.

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