After Lille and Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Rodez… These cities that boycott the World Cup in Qatar

No offense to the fervent supporters of the Blues, there will be no famous “fan zones” in several French cities for the 2022 World Cup (from November 20 to December 18).

“I don’t want to party on graves”: go there, watch or boycott the World Cup in Qatar, the dilemma of supporters

In Strasbourg, Lille, Bordeaux, Reims or Rodez, the mayors have already announced that they will boycott the sporting event, refusing to install giant screens in the public square. In question: the ecological aberrations which multiply and the human rights largely flouted in the emirate.

The sequel after the ad

It was the city councilor of Strasbourg who opened the ball. Last Monday, during the municipal council, Jeanne Barseghian indicated that he ” no public screenings of the World Cup are planned”. A position that the environmentalist mayor argued two days later in an interview with France 3 Alsace:

“It is impossible for us not to hear the many alerts from NGOs denouncing the abuse and exploitation of immigrant workers. Strasbourg, European capital, seat of the European Court of Human Rights, cannot decently condone this mistreatment. »

His colleague from EELV, Pierre Hurmic has just issued the same sentence for the people of Bordeaux. “I would really have the impression, if Bordeaux were to welcome these fan zones, to be an accomplice” of “this sporting event which represents all humanitarian, ecological and sporting aberrations”, he declared on Monday to several media.

Energy sobriety highlighted in Reims

“You cannot call your fellow citizens to sobriety and yourself be complicit in energy aberration of this nature”, also said Pierre Hurmic, adding that “those who awarded the World Cup to Qatar in 2010 were light years away from energy sobriety”.

An argument taken up by some mayors close to Emmanuel Macron, to support the speech of energy sobriety hammered by the government. Thus, the city councilor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet (Horizons), estimated in a press release sent to France 3 Champagne-Ardennes that“At a time when the public authorities are asking our fellow citizens and our administrations to reduce their energy consumption, such installations would cause legitimate misunderstanding”.

The sequel after the ad

A plane will transport supporters every 10 minutes between Qatar and its neighboring countries during the World Cup

“There will be no giant screens in Rodez […]I do not endorse the organization of this competition in this country. Football is all about money and the city of Rodez won’t get involved in that.”also said Christian Teyssèdre (close to Renaissance), the mayor of this city in Aveyron.

“A nonsense with regard to human rights”

Finally, it will also not be possible to follow the course of the Blues in Lille. The mayor of the northern city, Martine Aubry (PS) surprised on the night of Friday September 30 to Saturday 1er October by posting a statement on Twitter. “Unanimously, the municipal council of Lille voted this evening a declaration disapproving of the holding of the Football World Cup in Qatar, which is nonsense with regard to human rights, the environment and sport”, she wrote. Before concluding : “We will not broadcast any matches on a giant screen. »

In February 2021, the British newspaper “The Guardian” claimed that more than 6,500 foreign workers died during the construction of infrastructure for the World Cup in Qatar. The emirate is regularly singled out for persecuting women and the LGBT community. The World Cup in Qatar will be a real ecological disaster, denounce the NGOs. According to a report published by Fifa in 2021, carbon emissions there will be at least equivalent to those emitted by a country like Iceland in one year.

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