After Godard and Truffaut, Claude Chabrol conquers Netflix

Madame Bovary, Hell, The Ceremony… Since Monday, February 15, the American platform has offered a collection of eight films by the director who loved nothing more than portraying the French bourgeoisie.

French cinema offers an inexhaustible breeding ground for Netflix. After Jacques Demy, François Truffaut, Claude Sautet, Alain Resnais and Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol in turn expands the catalog of the American platform, still within the framework of a unique partnership with the distributor MK2.

The one who evoked with corrosive harshness the splendours and miseries of bourgeois life, denouncing the hypocrisy hidden behind civilized lives, enriches the VOD platform with eight films (the selection is detailed below). Between destructive family secrets, portraits of women ravaged by conventions, devastating passion or violent crime upsetting the balance of a family structure based on appearances, the filmmaker observed and dissected with a scalpel our society in what it has of more devious and sometimes more abject.

A women’s affair (1988)

Adapted from the book by lawyer Francis Szpiner based on the true story of Marie-Louise Giraud, one of the last women guillotined in France, the film denounces against the backdrop of the German Occupation male intolerance towards screw women.

Madame Bovary (1991)

A reference adaptation of Flaubert’s masterpiece with an imperial Isabelle Huppert.

Betty (1992)

This adaptation of the novel by Georges Simenon that Chabrol admired so much, tells the story of Betty’s neurosis, embodied by the unforgettable Marie Trintignant.

Hell (1994)

Based on the screenplay by Henri-Georges Clouzot who never succeeds in filming it, this drama on sick jealousy features the couple Emmanuelle Béart and François Cluzet.

Ceremony (1995)

Adapted from the book by the British Ruth Rendell, Illiterate, the film is also inspired by a bloody news item that shook France in the 1930s: the affair of the Papin sisters. A bloody news item in which two domestic sisters murdered the family who employed them.

Nothing goes (1997)

A couple of crooks camped by Isabelle Huppert and Michel Serrault crisscross France in a motorhome living on expedients and petty theft. Until the day their journey takes them on the harsher path of money laundering.

Thank you for the chocolate (2000)

Another novel will inspire Chabrol for this film, And thanks for the chocolate of the American Charlotte Armstrong. Jacques Dutronc plays André Polonski, a virtuoso pianist who remarries his ex-wife Isabelle Huppert. A peaceful life that will be shaken with the arrival of the young Jeanne, pianist, also a virtuoso, who could be André’s daughter …

The Flower of Evil (2003)

Fiftieth feature film by the filmmaker, The flower of evil evokes the tragedies that can be tied around a heavy family secret. Nathalie Baye plays there a bourgeois with political ambitions caught up with her family’s troubled and criminal past.


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