After France-Switzerland: “Thanks to this magnificent defeat, hope is reborn”

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The real pleasure of football is to talk about it all together. Throughout Euro 2021, the writer Ollivier Pourriol comments for “Obs” the course of the Blues through imaginary conversations (although …).

“Do you remember what I told you?” You will see that now that France is eliminated, everyone will say: “We told you so”.
– Mbappé, anyway …
– Mbappé, Mbappé, leave him alone, he had a day without.
– That’s several there.
– It’s good that it’s happening to him now. So far he had been very good, but he lacked a little something to become magical.
– What was he missing?
– Defeat. World champion at 19, what more do you want to happen to you? While there, thanks to this failure …
– Oh no, not that. You’re not going to blow me away at the need for failure in order to learn to bounce back, from the bottom to find a top, to be capable of true greatness. Not you, not that.
– Why not? Missing a shot on goal is the mark of the greatest. Platini in 1986 against Brazil, Socrates in the same match, the two best who miss.

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– Zidane has never failed him.
– Of course it is. Zidane missed a penalty against China in a preparation match in 2006 and made a fool of himself by finishing on the ass. And Benzema who missed a penalty against Wales in preparation for this Euro, remember? If you want to go far in a competition, you have to start with a failure or a humiliation. Because nothing worse can happen to you. It’s liberating.
– Your theory is stupid. There, they were eliminated, so it doesn’t start, it ends.
– No, that’s just the beginning. We must see further. There, Deschamps will give way to Zidane, with a revenge to take, a defeat to take, something to rebuild, a World Cup to conquer. Mbappé, in a year, it will be another man.
– That’s for sure.

– You see that you agree with me.
– You don’t take a lot of risks. A year from now we will all be another man. Or another woman.
– For Mbappé, I wouldn’t go that far. But you know Talleyrand’s phrase: “Only great souls have great faults”.
– Is that from Talleyrand?
– Or Descartes, I don’t know. Even in the way of losing, a big does not do things by halves.
– Ah well, we had a great team then.
– Of course. And today’s failure forges tomorrow’s success.
– And in case of worse failure tomorrow?
– It will forge success the day after tomorrow.

– It’s endless, your thing. You never really lose.
– That’s the idea. That’s the point. That’s why we watch football. To believe. And to believe is to believe in tomorrow.
– Hope gives life.
– Exactly. And thanks to this magnificent defeat, hope is reborn. There is again something to be fixed, something to be desired. Like Zidane’s bowling ball in 2006.
– It was awful. How sad.
– Of course. And sublime. And it is thanks to the regret that Zidane has been working on since this lost final that France has a chance to win the World Cup with him next year.
– But suppose Zidane is not appointed manager? That Deschamps remain at his post? You will have made a fool of yourself. You will have missed your penalty as a junk prophet commentator.
– Yes. And that’s what is beautiful in the prognosis. This uncertainty. This risk. We would like to know in advance, but we are happy not to be able to know. We were sure to win, and we lost. And our disappointment is someone else’s joy, and perhaps our future joy.

Kylian Mbappé, portrait of a French icon ready to engage

– You would almost console me.
– You don’t have to. What is good in defeat is bitterness, as in coffee. This is what gives it all the taste. Those who win all the time have no interest. Mbappé, until this Euro, there was nothing to say about him. Now that all the sofa geniuses are going to fall on him, and all the counter geniuses are going to stand up for him, he is finally going to get interesting. It will take on thickness, texture, depth.
– He’s going to get old.
– We’re in France, old man. Everything that makes our reputation is based on the art of aging: wine, cheese …
– And now Mbappé. And Macron, if he gets jerked off in the presidential election, will the same happen to him?
– Perhaps he will become frequentable again. In any case, he will no longer be able to lecture the unemployed by telling them to cross the street to find work.
– In the end, that’s what he lacks in Macron. If he had lost first, he wouldn’t be wielding power with so much… I can’t find the word.
– Of arrogance?
– It’s not exactly that. Did you hear what Varane said? We lost because we lacked everything.
– Did we lack desire?
– No desire. Want to want.
– Like in Johnny’s song.
– We almost missed.
– But now that we missed each other …
– Hope is allowed again. It is a cycle. “

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