After France-Portugal: “Everyone has won! “

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The real pleasure of football is to talk about it all together. Throughout Euro 2021, the writer Ollivier Pourriol comments for “Obs” the course of the Blues through imaginary conversations (although …).

“Were you at the Fête de la Musique on Monday?”
– There was no Fête de la Musique.
– Yes. But music was forbidden in the street.
– Ah that’s why, I was wondering what everyone was doing in the street on June 21st. I thought it was because of a game.
– You really don’t know about anything. The game was Wednesday night.
– What a game ? I thought France was already qualified.
– Yes, but there was still a match. For the classification. And for the other teams, Portugal… Hungary almost eliminated Germany. Every time Hungary scored, the crowd in the France-Portugal stadium screamed, it was incredible.
– I already understand nothing about football, but there …
– It is because France-Germany took place in Bucharest, the capital of Hungary.
– You mean in Budapest?
– Yes, sorry, Bucharest is for the next match against Switzerland on Monday.
– It’s not in Switzerland, Bucharest.
– No, it was Platini’s idea when he was president of UEFA.
– It’s not in Geneva, UEFA?
– I mean, Europe, after all, anyway. We followed Germany – Hungary which took place in Munich while observing the stands of France-Portugal which took place in Hungary, you understand? In addition, it is practical, since the match was not transmitted on a hertzian channel.
– Oh yes, it’s like Roland-Garros, now it’s on Amazon. In my time …
– Yes, mine too. What do you want, this is the new world.
– I don’t understand what all these Hungarians were doing in a stadium watching France – Portugal while following Germany-Hungary.
– That’s politics. They must have had free places, or they had to be there, Hungary remains a totalitarian communist country.
– Is that so ?

“Benzema scored but France was already qualified”

– Yeah, think about it, a stadium full of people who force themselves to see a match they don’t give a damn about.
– It’s left, right?
– What do you mean ?
– Yeah, didn’t you hear? Zemmour said …
– Stop there, I don’t want to know.
– You are wrong, it is a well of science.
– A well, okay, but of science?
– He explained on Wednesday that Mussolini and Hitler were on the left. Just see, they filled their stadiums well too.
– The Vél’d’Hiv, especially. Just one question: if Hitler and Mussolini were on the left, who is on the right?
– That’s it, the new world, the left and the right mixing together. Look at Mbappé, he no longer wants to go to the right.

EXCLUSIVE. Kylian Mbappé confides in “l’Obs”: “I know the weight of my words and my actions”

– I heard Benzema scored.
– A double.
– At the same time, it’s useless, France was already qualified.
– But Portugal qualified too.
– Everyone won then. Is that why there were so many people on the Champs Wednesday night? With all those horns and all those cops banging on mirrors, I thought it was Music Day.
– And if not, you got vaccinated?
– Yes, at the Stade de France. Last Saturday, while France played against Hungary.
– Ah yes ! that was in Hungary.
– Ah well anyway!
– Are you going to vote on Sunday?
– I don’t know, it seems that Pécresse is more of the left than Pulvar, Bayou and Autain. It was Huchon, a socialist, who said it in “le Point”, a right-wing newspaper.
– He was playing outside, he wanted to please.
– I don’t think so, he rather scored against his camp. It is a law of nature: we start on the left, we end on the right.
– Apart from Mbappé.
– And Mitterrand.
– I would vote well on the left, but I’m afraid to elect a fascist without knowing it.
– It’s like a penalty. Shoot left or right, play it safe or finesse?
– No, it’s worse than a penalty: aim on the left, and finish on the right.
– Did you hear that story? French supporters who ended up in Bucharest to see France-Portugal, which was played in Budapest.
– And what did they see instead? Germany-Hungary?
– Well no, that was in Munich. And Bucharest, anyway, is in Romania.
– They did like us, so they watched TV.
– Not sure. In Bucharest, football matches may already be all on Amazon.
– Football without spectators, the Fête de la Musique without music… Is that the future?
– I don’t know, but we’re lucky: even without voting, the future for us is now. “

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