After cancellation of his visa, Novak Djokovic obtains a stay of his deportation from Australia

The world number one in tennis Novak Djokovic obtained this Thursday, January 6 a stay of his deportation from Australia, said his lawyer. He had filed a lawsuit against the decision of the Australian authorities to cancel his visa and to expel him from the country.

Novak Djokovic ordered to justify his vaccination status before the Australian Open

Australia on Thursday canceled the visa of Novak Djokovic who arrived at Melbourne airport without the necessary documents to enter the country, Australian customs said.

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Medical exemption

The world number one in tennis, who has never hidden his skepticism about the vaccination, had obtained a medical exemption to be able to travel to Melbourne to play there the first Grand Slam tournament of the year (17 on January 30), which he has already won nine times.

“Novak Djokovic did not provide the appropriate information to enter Australia and his visa was therefore canceled. Foreign nationals who do not have a valid visa or whose visa has been canceled will be detained and deported from Australia ”customs said.

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According to the Australian press, the nine-time winner of the Australian Open would not have filled out the correct form to apply for a visa and the one he requested does not authorize a medical exemption.

“No special rule”

Djokovic, silent on his vaccination status, has been in the crosshairs of the Australian political class since he announced that he had obtained a medical exemption to participate in the Australian Open.

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“There will be no special rule for Novak Djokovic. Not the least ”, had thundered Wednesday the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, during a press conference.

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In Belgrade, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Wednesday accused Australia of ” bad treatment “ towards Djokovic. Claiming to have spoken to the world’s number one tennis player on the phone, the head of state said on Instagram that “All of Serbia was with him (Djokovic)” and “The authorities were taking all necessary measures to ensure that the mistreatment of the best tennis player in the world ceases as soon as possible”.

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