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After 2 months of war, Russia responded to sanctions, stopped gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria

Russia Ukraine Conflict: After the war with Ukraine, America and Western countries imposed many types of sanctions on Russia. Many countries are still increasing the restrictions. In the midst of all this, about 2 months after the war, Russia has also taken many big decisions in response to these sanctions. Under this, Russia has announced to stop gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria.

Supply stopped since this morning

According to media reports, Russian gas company Gazprom has told both these countries that it will not supply gas from Wednesday. Following this decision, the supply to Poland through the Yamal-Europe pipeline has been stopped from 8 am on Wednesday. Similar information has also been given to Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s Energy Ministry said that the supply of Russian gas to Bulgaria through the Turkstream pipeline will stop from Wednesday. Let us tell you that European countries are largely dependent on Russia for gas. The countries here take about 40 percent of the gas from Russia.

Why did Russia suddenly take this decision?

Even two months after the war, European countries were importing gas from Russia. In return, European countries were paying 60 percent of the amount in euros and the rest in dollars. Because there are many economic sanctions on Russia. In such a situation, Putin put the condition of payment in ruble instead of dollar in front of these countries, but European countries refused to deal in ruble. After this Russia has decided to stop the supply.

Poland, on Bulgaria What will happen Its Impact

The Polish government says it currently has up to 76 percent of its gas storage. In such a situation, even after stopping the Russian supply, there will be no problem for a few days. Till then the government is exploring more options. However, finding another option will not be so easy. Because other countries are already supplying a fixed quota to some country. In such a situation, suddenly fulfilling a new order will not be so easy. At the same time, after this decision of Russia, Bulgaria says that it has started work on finding an alternative gas supply. There is some stock now, which will work.

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