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Afghanistan’s Taliban government announced, universities will be opened in February

Reopen Afghan Public Universities: Universities in Afghanistan, closed since the Taliban came to power in August, will reopen in February. This information was given by the Higher Education Minister of the Taliban-led government on Sunday, although he did not say anything on whether female students would be able to return to the university. Speaking to the media, Higher Education Minister Abdul Baki Haqqani said that the government has decided that universities in hotter provinces will be opened from February 2, while universities in colder regions will reopen on February 26.

He did not tell even once during this conversation what arrangements would be made for the girl students studying after the university opens. Earlier, Taliban officials had suggested that women be taught in separate classes. The government has so far reopened high schools for boys in most parts of the country. Some private universities have also reopened, but in many cases girl students have not been able to return to class.

Taliban made this claim

The Taliban also claimed that it would build an international university for students from Afghanistan, which would “include Sharia, medical, agricultural and engineering programs”. In this university, children will be able to get masters and PhD degrees in these four fields.

On the other hand, students studying abroad with scholarship have said that they are unable to return home. In fact, according to the Voice of America (VOA) report, the students of Afghanistan who are studying abroad under the scholarship program will have to return home after the completion of their academic program. But now those students say that now a lot has changed in their country and Afghan students are scared about their safety.

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