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Afghanistan’s Sofia Hakimi said – Taliban is again intent on implementing the 20-year-old system

It has been almost 50 days since Taliban control was established in Afghanistan. In such a situation, the havoc of a very difficult situation has broken, then on the women of Afghanistan. This time women are trying to clash with their spirits with the Talibani rule guarded by restrictions. At the same time, there is an effort to knock on the doors of a better future.

A huge door of future possibilities and hope opens for Afghan youth in India. With the help of stipends from the Government of India, many Afghan youth, and especially women, try to beautify their tomorrow. ABP News spoke to Sofia Hakimi, whose dreams were shattered by the Taliban rule, about the difficulties of the current situation under the Taliban rule and the continuing apprehension of the Afghan youth.

Sophia had returned to Kabul a few months back after doing her MBA from Punjab Central University in India. With the help of a professional degree obtained in India, he also got a job in an electricity distribution company. But Sofia probably had no idea that this dream of becoming an Afghan girl who could stand on her feet by reading and writing was a guest of a few days. Because a few days after Sofia started her job, Kabul was captured by the Taliban and her job kept going.

Sofia tells that whenever they go to the company and search, Taliban officials give a taka answer. It is said that the final decision is yet to be taken regarding the work of women. Only after that decision will the picture be clear about Sofia’s work.

Sharing her pain, Sofia says that the Taliban will say anything to show the world, but their ground reality is something else. In which it is clearly visible that the Taliban is intent on re-implementing the 20-year-old system.

In such a situation, schools have not yet opened for girls. Sophia’s younger sister studies in class 9 but is currently forced to stay at home. Because at present the schools have been opened for girls only till class VI. Girls studying in the group above that are not allowed to go to school. Not only this, the mother of Sofia, who teaches in school, is also forced to sit at home these days.

However, according to Sofia, the requirement of burqa has not yet been implemented on the clothes of women in Kabul city. Therefore, when she comes out of the house, she covers her head and comes out in normal clothes. But what is certain is that the Taliban fighters on the street are staring at them and it is clear that they do not like or approve of this outfit.

According to Sofia, there is a door of hope for 850 youth including many girls like her, the stipend received from India. With the help of which she can come to India and complete her studies. You can fulfill your dreams. Sophia wants to do PhD when she comes to India.

Regarding this, Sofia has appealed to the Indian government to the Taliban. According to him, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working in the Taliban system, says that if flights start from India, they will be allowed to go. At the same time, they are still waiting for the reply on the letters written to the Government of India.

Many Afghan youth including Sofia are also ready to come to India through other countries including Qatar. The problem with this is the Indian visa. Difficulties are being faced in achieving that.

Significantly, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, working under the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, gives about 1000 stipends to the youth of Afghanistan every year. With the help of these scholarships, many promising students of Afghanistan are able to do undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level courses.

Some time ago ABP News spoke to Dinesh Patnaik, Director General of Indian Council for Cultural Relations on this matter. He had told that with the change of power in Kabul, a future crisis has arisen in front of many Afghan students studying in India. There are more than 2000 Afghan students studying in India. Many of these students are finishing their prescribed courses, after which they will have to extend the visa period to stay in India. In this regard, the Ministry of External Affairs has taken up the matter with the Ministry of Home Affairs. The government will soon take necessary steps in this regard.

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