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Afghanistan News: British PM Boris Johnson gave this statement about working with Taliban

Afghanistan News: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said Britain’s diplomatic efforts are on to find a solution in Afghanistan, opening the way to working with the Taliban “if necessary”. Johnson told the media after an emergency ‘Cabinet Office Briefing Room’ (COBRA) meeting on Friday to discuss the ongoing crisis in the region that ‘difficult’ challenges remain to evacuate British citizens and supporters from Kabul airport However, the situation is getting better now.

Our political and diplomatic efforts will continue: PM Johnson

“I want to assure the people that our political and diplomatic efforts to find a solution for Afghanistan will continue, of course, including working with the Taliban, if necessary,” Prime Minister Johnson said. Our commitment to Afghanistan is enduring. “The situation is getting a little better and we are seeing stabilization at the airport,” he said. Yesterday (Thursday) we were able to evacuate around 1,000 people and today (Friday) another 1,000 people. People eligible to come to the UK are coming back to this country and many of these people are coming back under the Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Assistance Program (ARAP), including interpreters and others for whom we are grateful. This campaign will continue at a brisk pace.

Do you believe the promises of the Taliban?

The Prime Minister said, ‘The campaign is getting faster, but I cannot pretend that it is easy. There are tough traffic challenges. Asked if he believed in the promise of liberal governance by the new Taliban regime, Johnson said, “We hope he means what he says.” However, once again I would like to say what I said in the House and I think that the President of the United States, the President of France, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, everyone I spoke to, everyone agrees that we are their Will test them according to the tasks.’

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