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Afghanistan Crisis: All Indian citizens waiting to leave Kabul are safe – sources

Afghanistan Crisis: All Indian citizens waiting to leave the capital Kabul in the midst of the Afghanistan crisis are safe. They have been given lunch and have now left for Kabul airport. Government sources gave this information on Saturday. Let us inform that amidst the deteriorating situation in the capital of Afghanistan, about 80 Indian citizens were safely evacuated from Kabul on Saturday by a military transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force. People related to this incident gave this information. He said that after evacuating the Indians, the plane landed in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The flight is expected to reach Hindon Air Force base near Delhi by evening.

India has already evacuated 200 people, including the Indian ambassador and other embassy personnel, from the Afghan capital by two C-19 transport aircraft of the IAF after the Taliban captured Kabul on Sunday. On Monday, the first flight carrying more than 40 Indians reached India. The second C-17 aircraft with about 150 people, including Indian diplomats, officials and security personnel and some Indians stranded there, reached India on Tuesday.

In the backdrop of the withdrawal of US troops, the Taliban have rapidly expanded their footing in Afghanistan, taking control of most areas there, including the capital Kabul. With the help of America, the mission to rescue about 200 stranded Indians was carried out.

After the return of these people, the Ministry of External Affairs had said that now the focus will be on ensuring the safe return of all Indian citizens from the capital of Afghanistan. The Ministry of External Affairs said that the immediate priority for the government is to get accurate information about all Indian nationals currently residing in Afghanistan. The ministry has requested Indians as well as their employers to immediately share the relevant details with the Special Afghanistan Cell. According to an estimate, there may be around 400 Indians stranded in Afghanistan and India is looking at ways to get them out, which includes coordination with the US and other friendly nations.

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