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Afghan President Ghani had fled from Kabul in a helicopter loaded with cash – media report

Afghanistan News: While fleeing war-torn Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani stuffed cash into his helicopter, yet a few bags full of notes remained on the runway due to lack of space. Information about this effect came in the official media of Russia on Monday.

Significantly, with the Taliban’s capture of Kabul on Sunday, the Ghani government fell and the President was forced to leave the country like ordinary people of the country and abroad. Citing the Russian embassy in Kabul, Russia’s state-run news agency Tass reported that 72-year-old President Ghani fled Kabul with a helicopter loaded with cash.

The news quoted an embassy employee as saying, “The reasons for the end of the regime can be linked to Ghani’s escape from there. Four cars were full of cash and they tried to put all the money in the helicopter, but all the cash could not be loaded into the helicopter and they had to leave some money there on the runway itself.

Although Tas did not name the embassy employee, Russian wire service Sputnik, quoting Russian embassy spokeswoman Nikita Ishchenko, reported that Ghani’s convoy contained cash-laden cars as he fled Kabul.

Ishchenko said, “They tried to fill all the money in the helicopter but it could not happen due to lack of space. Some money was left on the runway.

In his first statement since leaving Afghanistan, Ghani wrote a post on Facebook on Sunday. The president wrote that he had two “difficult choices”, first the “armed Taliban” trying to break into Rashtrapati Bhavan and the second “leaving my beloved country, which I spent 20 years of my life defending.” given.”

He said, “If again countless number of citizens of the country were martyred and the destruction in Kabul was the demolition, then the consequences for the city of some six million people would have been very disastrous. The Taliban had decided to remove me, they have come here to attack Kabul and the people of Kabul. In such a situation, to avoid bloodshed, I found it appropriate to leave from there.

Ghani, who took refuge in neighboring Tajikistan, said, “The Taliban have won the battle by force of arms and now it is their responsibility to protect the honor, wealth and self-respect of the countrymen.”

An educationist and economist by profession, Ghani was the 14th President of Afghanistan. For the first time on 20 September 2014 and for the second time on 28 September 2019, he was elected to the post by winning the presidential elections.

It is noteworthy that Afghanistan was ruled by the Taliban from 1996 to 2001 and after the attack on the World Trade Center in America on September 11, 2001, US-led military forces ended their rule from the country.

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