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Adidas launched the longest shoes, people reacted by making meams on social media

New trends are seen in the fashion world. Many things seem strange to look at, yet they get caught in the trend. Recently, the sports brand Adidas launched the new one meter long “baguette” sneakers. After this, the shoes of Adidas are in the trend. Adidas, in collaboration with Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, has created these weird shoes.

Soon after the photo of the shoes surfaced, it became viral on social media. The pair of shoes is part of the Adidas Superstar campaign. Both pairs of shoes are of completely different colors. The left shoe is white and the right shoe is black. The shoes have 40 rows of laces to fit the feet.

The photo went viral as soon as it was posted
In two posts on Instagram, Tommy Cash has shared pictures of himself wearing shoes and it looks quite strange. It was described as the longest shoe in the world. Social media users reacted by making many fun memes on it.

A Twitter account named Pop Base posted pictures of the shoes and said in the caption, Adidas launched their longest shoes together with Tommy Cash. Later this post went viral with thousands of retweets and users started giving reactions.

Adidas unveils his longest shoes ever, in collaboration with Tommy Cash.

Many users have shared their experiences in different ways.

Some users even got confused about these shoes and started asking questions.

For some users, these are different experience shoes.

Some users say that these shoes are just a joke and nothing more.

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