Adèle Haenel is she ready to make her comeback to the cinema?

Withdrawn since taking a position at the César against Roman Polanski, the militant actress is announced in the credits of Bruno Dumont’s next film.

Adèle Haenel has not appeared on the big screen since her coup against Roman Polanski in the middle of the Cesar 2020 ceremony. But according to some fans with a lynx look, that could change. Going through the list of films eligible for a tax reduction in Belgium, a cinephile noticed that the name of the actress from Portrait of the girl on fire appeared in the credits of Bruno Dumont’s next film.

Entitled the empire, this feature film would see her share the bill with Virginie Efira, Lily-Rose Depp and Fabrice Luchini. It remains to confirm the information. No details have filtered on the shooting dates.

As always with the director of My Loute and France which had been received with great reserve at Cannes, the synopsis is breathtaking: “Beneath the exterior of the common life of the inhabitants of a fishing village on the Opal Coast, arises the parallel and epic life of knights of interplanetary empires. In prey to the bloody fights of these clans at the announcement of the birth of Margat, Prince resurgent, mauve and filthy, Beast of the End of Times, located here on the Coast and brat of a young separated couple, as usual of their condition in a residential area.»

A break at the cinema, a passage through the theater

On the front line of the MeToo movement in France, Adèle Haenel had caused a stir by revealing that she had been, as a teenager, the victim of sexual harassment and touching by the filmmaker Christophe Ruggia. During the César 2020, the 32-year-old actress, present with the team of Portrait of the girl on firehad left the Salle Pleyel screaming “Shame” and “Long live pedophilia”, when Roman Polanski had received the statuette for best director for his fresco on the Dreyfus affair I accuse in front of a surprised and embarrassed audience.

After this coup, the actress was discreet, disappearing from film sets but participating in committed documentaries black look and Back to Reims. At FinancialTimesAdèle Haenel, who had refused to present a César at the 2021 ceremony, had explained that she did not want to return to the studios immediately: “I don’t want to do 20,000 other things. It’s not a career choice, it’s a life choice. After the lifting of the confinement, she was able to start a theater tour with the play The Pond by Gisele Vienne.


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