Add more green vegetables to the Tet tray

Vietnamese people often prepare meat but forget the vegetables in the Tet tray, while vegetables contain a lot of fiber, reduce fat absorption, and do not limit the amount of sugar and starch.

According to Dr. Chu Thi Tuyet (Department of Nutrition, Friendship Hospital) commented above, because the traditional Tet tray often has foods such as banh chung, fried spring rolls, spring rolls, pork rolls, chicken, and various kinds of cooked soups. , beer, wine… They are rich in energy and can affect health when eaten in excess. Therefore, the doctor recommends three principles of healthy New Year’s nutrition including:

Add more green vegetables

Green vegetables – important food in the meal. Photo: tasteasianfood

Vegetables contain a lot of fiber, have the effect of reducing fat absorption, do not limit the amount of sugar and starch put into the body. This is a very important food in daily nutrition but often neglected in the Tet tray. Therefore, Dr. Tuyet recommends that everyone pay attention to this food group for healthy nutrition.

The rule is to add as many greens as possible. For example, diabetics must abstain from foods made from glutinous rice, but it is difficult to completely abstain from banh chung during Tet. Therefore, they need to increase the amount of green vegetables to ensure 25 g of fiber a day. Meanwhile, 100 g of green vegetables contains only 2-3 g of fiber. Therefore, diabetics must add more fiber by eating enough green vegetables (200-300 g a day) just choose foods containing a lot of soluble fiber (sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, broccoli, guava, avocado…) to control the amount of fat and sugar in the blood. and blood pressure.

It can be changed by eating clean raw vegetables so that you do not feel bored with eating vegetables, according to Dr. Tuyet. Raw vegetables should be soaked, washed under running water to wash away the eggs of worms and worms. Raw vegetables should not be soaked in brine because salt makes the water concentration more concentrated, worm eggs and worms do not fall, making vegetables unclean. If you feel that the vegetables are not safe, you can blanch them with boiling water to keep them safe.

Drink two units of alcohol a day

According to statistics of Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, every year there are many accidents, especially dangerous accidents. The reason is that the driver cannot control himself. Therefore, people must control the amount of alcohol and beer they drink to ensure safety.

Each person should only drink two units of alcohol a day, equivalent to 350 ml of beer or 150 ml of wine or 45 ml of spirits. In the process of drinking, people still have to eat rice, especially green vegetables should be added.

If you have to drink a lot, you should alternate with a few cups of lemon juice, fruit juice. They have a good alcohol detoxification effect, helping the body not be tired after drinking too long and increasing resistance. Therefore, you should add fruit juices, or control how much alcohol you put in so as not to affect your health.

Limit salted meat

Cold meat dishes.  Photo: Americanpregnancy

Cold meat dishes. Photo: Americanpregnancy

Families often stock up on smoked and salted meat such as swans, goose, turkey thighs, etc. to change their taste during Tet. Tuyen recommends not to eat too many of these foods due to their high salt, nitrite and sugar content. High salt intake affects blood pressure and causes heart failure. These foods also contain a lot of saturated fat, which is not good for people with cardiovascular disease.

It is recommended to eat less than 6 g of salt a day, eat with the allowed lightness because the food contains a large amount of termites. Besides, 100 g of bacon or smoked meat is equivalent to 300-400 kcal – very high energy level. Therefore, Dr. Tuyet recommends that people limit their intake of salted meat and add green vegetables according to the above principles.

Some other recommendations

Tet tray.  Photo: Bich Ngoc

Tet tray. Photo: Sapphire

Should choose reputable food, with clear origin, expiry date. Food packaging should clearly state the origin, production unit or import.

In addition, it is necessary to add more fruits in the diet, should not lose weight by completely fasting or only eating fruit except for meals. The body needs to provide enough 4 main groups: protit, lipid, glucite, vitamins and minerals to function. A day should only eat 200-300g of fruit to get enough vitamins and control sugar.

Many people see their weight gain rapidly during Tet, so they should use weight loss pills. But many drugs are not safe for the body. There are drugs acting on the central nervous system, causing a feeling of loss of appetite, always full. There are drugs that act on the digestive system to prevent the body from absorbing nutrients and excreting them right after eating. This drug puts users at risk of hypokalemia, fatigue, cardiac arrhythmias leading to death. Some drugs affect the digestive tract causing dehydration and sucking all the digestive juices away, making the abdomen bloated and unwilling to eat. Therefore, Dr. Tuyet recommends not to use drugs to lose weight during and after Tet.

Finally, it is necessary to keep the rhythm of activities (eg meal times, sleep times) as regular as the days of the year. If the circadian rhythm is disturbed, the body cannot respond, causing metabolic disturbances. Do not stay up until 1-2 am and then sleep, skip breakfast, sleep according to the body’s needs to have good health for Tet.



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