Actress Adèle Haenel hopes for “the end of the capitalist system”

Guest on the show Permanent Revolution Thursday, the actress, who moved away from film sets, reaffirmed her support for the ideas of activist Anasse Kazib.

She was the young girl on fire in Céline Sciamma’s feature film. Since then, Adèle Haenel’s appearances on the big screen have become rare. The actress recently told the Italian daily He manifesto wanting to get away from film sets because of the prevailing sexism there: “In the movie business as it is today, there is no hope […]. They say they are fighting against sexism, but in reality nothing has changed.»

Main instigator of the #MeToo movement in France, the actress has been engaged in the fight against gender-based and sexual violence for several years now. Guest in the broadcast of the far-left news site Permanent Revolution Thursday, May 5, entitled “How to deal with Macron 2 and the strengthening of the far right?” and broadcast live on social networks and YouTube, Adèle Haenel’s fight today seems broader: “At the base, it was not my field of mobilization. I mobilized on issues of feminism and sexual violence. Through a form of contagion, you realize that the systems are linked”. For her, the capitalist system is incompatible with the feminism she espouses.

“We need to put in place another system”

Also present on the set, Anasse Kazib, railway worker and spokesperson for Permanent Revolution, is the one who inspired Adèle Haenel in her new fight against capitalism. Presidential candidate 2022 and Marxist and Trotskyist activist, he had received the support of Adèle Haenel last March when he was summoned by the police following a rally organized in front of the Sorbonne a month earlier: “A year ago I would not have defined myself as anti-capitalist. But thanks to the work of the militants of Permanent Revolution and Anasse, the ideas really made their way in my head and in my heart too. Now, it seems obvious to me that no emancipation is possible within the framework of capitalism and that another system must be put in place”, she explained in a letter.

Questioned during the program on the presidential campaign which has just ended, Adèle Haenel exclaims (at the 23and minute): “It was terrible!”. “There are major problems that arise, questions of the order of the survival of humanity and we are told about Islamo-leftism”, she continues. She thus reaffirmed her support for the ideas of Anasse Kazib, considering that he had been the bearer of hope, of an alternative to this capitalist system: “This world is not livable under capitalism. It is obvious. This system must be overthrown, it must be changed. Permanent Revolution asked this question. We do not have a choice. We need another world, it’s not the time to rest“, she concludes.


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