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Accused of spreading false news on Russia about American Kovid-19 vaccine, use of fake website: report

Making a shocking disclosure, the Wall Street Journal has said that Russian intelligence agencies used fake news websites to reduce people’s trust in Pfizer and other American Kovid-19 vaccines. The report quoted US officials as saying on Sunday that four online publications related to Russian intelligence agencies were spreading misinformation about the Kovid-19 vaccine.

Russia is defaming the Kovid-19 vaccine of the West

Oriental Review, News Front, New Eastern Outlook and Rebel Inside focused on the side-effects of the Kovid-19 vaccine created by Pfizer and other large western companies. Under the false claim that the risk of side-effects from the vaccine was exaggerated, their impact was questioned, and it was said that the US hastily adopted the procedure to approve Pfizer’s vaccine. Although there is not a large audience of visitors on the website, the authorities claim that their story is regularly picked up by the international media.

Four online publications related to intelligence service stood out

A Home Ministry official told the Wall Street Journal that the Russian intelligence service is directly responsible for deploying four platforms to spread ‘lies and propaganda’. According to the report, Russia’s state media, with its presence on Twitter, tries to improve public perception about the Sputnik-V vaccine, while maligning the West’s vaccine. The newspaper quoted the officer as saying, “We can say that those online publications are directly related to the intelligence services of Russia. They are being financed entirely from abroad. All the websites in their tone, their reach and readership Are very different but they are all part of Russian propaganda and spreading lies. ” A Kremlin spokesman declined to answer questions on Wall Street.

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