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Accusation of prince Hamza bin Hussein, arrogant in Jordan’s royal family – put me under house arrest

Amman: Jordan’s King Abdullah II’s half-brother Hamza has said that he is under house arrest. At the same time, he has accused the country’s ‘ruling system’ of incompetence and corruption. This is a rare case of discord within the ruling monarchy in Jordan, America’s key ally in West Asia.

This video message of Prince Hamza came on Saturday. Earlier, the country’s official news agency reported that two former senior officers and other suspects have been arrested for ‘security reasons’. However, the authorities refused to arrest or detain Hamza.

Phone and Internet services were also discontinued
In a video available with the BBC, the former Crown Prince said that the country’s military chief came to him in the early hours of Saturday and told him that he was not allowed to go out, talk to people or meet them. He told that his phone and internet services have been discontinued. He is talking to satellite internet and he is also afraid of this service being discontinued. The BBC reported that it had received this statement from Hamza’s lawyer.

Hamza said that he was informed that he was punished for attending meetings in which the king was criticized. However, he is not accused of being involved in criticism.

Hamza is a popular figure in Jordan. He is seen as a religious and humble man who is associated with the common people and is like his father the late King Hussein. He had earlier accused the authorities of ‘failed management’ after passing an income tax law in 2018, criticizing the government.

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