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ABP News’s special conversation with the new President of Luhansk, said – will drive out Ukraine only

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues for the 50th day. Meanwhile, like Donetsk, Luhansk has also declared a separate country from Ukraine. The team of ABP News is reporting the exclusive war. In a special conversation with ABP News, the new President of Luhansk Leonid Posechnik has said that the Russian-backed Luhansk militia will die only by completely dispelling the fascist army of Ukraine.

In general, the situation in the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) is stable, according to Luhansk President Pasechnik. Everything necessary is being provided to this republic country. Electricity is being supplied to almost all residential areas of the republic, people can buy food, fuel is available to the local population. Medicines, hospitals and poly-clinics are also available for the people here. Paschenik assured that we are making every effort to ensure that the situation is completely rectified in all free zones.

Will be able to drive out Ukraine’s army completely – Posechnik

After the name of the city of Luhansk, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the establishment of Luhansk country, declaring a large area of ​​Ukraine’s Donbass province independent. Apart from Russia, countries like Belarus and Venezuela have also recognized Luhansk as a nation. Leonid Pasechnik has been elected the first president since independence. He was the one who signed the documents for the establishment of the new country with Putin before the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. Pasechnik told ABP News that the Lugansk People’s Republic held 80-90% of the area and had been freed from Ukrainian nationalist battalions. Let us tell you that these days the team of ABP News is doing ground reporting from the war-zone in Donbass’s Donetsk, Mariupol and Luhansk (or Lugansk). During this, Pasechnik had a special conversation with ABP News.

Many countries have recognized Luhansk – Posechnik

Pasechnik said that not only has Russia recognized his country, but many other countries have done the same. So we look forward to wider recognition in the future. He clearly said that we are not terrorists. We are free people living on our land, who want to earn bread and raise children. When asked by ABP News how much he expected to be recognized by the UN, Pasechnik said that our first task is to liberate the area occupied by the fascists (Ukraine government and army). He alleged that Ukrainian fascism that came to our ‘home’ and tried to destroy us and drive us out of our soil, we will keep it out of our soil.

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