About to “stick to the crime” in the Netherlands, Apple was put on the radar of the US Department of Justice

The “Apple Tax” of up to 30% at the App Store has become the target of criticism, causing a large number of investigations by regulators.

The Dutch government’s antitrust division is about to end its investigation and make a decision to fine Apple, this may be the first management decision in the world for the App Store of the “Apple family”.

Earlier, the Dutch antitrust agency opened an investigation into Apple forcing third-party developers to use its own payment system. According to media sources citing a letter sent by the antitrust agency to the developer recently, the agency is approaching a penalty decision.

In 2019, the Dutch Consumer and Market Agency (ACM) published an investigation, involving Apple asking developers to use in-app payments and then quoting 15 % to 30% of the sales commission.

Apple is subject to taxation that makes the technology world unhappy, Apple is complained of in many countries, last year, the European Commission also opened an investigation into the App Store monopoly after receiving complaints from many companies. ty. According to the report, among the countries and regions investigated, the Netherlands could become the first country in the world to issue an antitrust ruling over Apple’s actions.

In the letter, ACM said it was close to making a draft decision on the handling, but did not disclose what action it will take, such as whether Apple will be fined or not.

Elsewhere, the US Department of Justice also began an antitrust investigation against Apple by forcing developers to integrate the “Apple login” button.

In fact, more and more iPhone users are allowing login options through information stored on Apple devices, helping users fill out registration forms quickly and avoid cumbersome procedures such as entry. Email only and other information.

But Apple doesn’t offer an option that forces apps to have Apple login functionality. This approach has caused dissatisfaction with some developers, and has even complained to the US Department of Justice that the authorities have investigated.

Apple says the Apple login button allows users to hide personal information from related apps and is a privacy-enabled service. But this will make it harder for users to change the platform.

This investigation revealed that Apple’s measures to improve user privacy were praised by some members of Congress, but they contradict the US government’s antitrust investigation into whether Apple whether to abuse your dominant position or not.

The Apple login button has also become one of the targets for the Justice Department to launch an extensive investigation into Apple. Which is related to the allegations from Spotify and Epic Games with the App Store, including how they charge developer commissions. The Justice Department is still investigating Apple’s restrictions on geotagging and other forms of user tracking – it’s worth mentioning that Apple’s own apps are not subject to the same restrictions. .

American antitrust law enforcement often believes that companies need to control at least 60% of the market to meet monopoly standards. However, according to statistics from various agencies, Apple’s share of the US mobile device software market is between 50% and 62%, while Google’s Android controls the majority of the remaining market share. again.

In addition, developers opposed to Apple believe that the Justice Department should ignore Android directly and instead see iOS as a separate market, thus concluding that, Apple has full control over the market. Before this problem, CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly stated, Apple does not occupy a dominant position in any market, and the software market or mobile application is no exception.

Regulatory attention comes at a time when the App Store contributes more and more to Apple’s bottom line, and at a time when Apple personally competes with app developers in the streaming industries. streaming video, music and payment.

Like an in-app purchase system, Apple can also use the sign-in button to interfere with developer-user interactions. But the difference is that the sign-in buttons of Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn will automatically provide developers with information related to the user, including e-mail and other profile data, but the post buttons. Apple entry won’t do the same.

Two app developers have complained to the Justice Department about Apple’s operations saying they don’t want to face the dilemma of losing user information if they integrate Apple’s login option, so they decided to cancel all login buttons in the app. At the same time, the two developers also accused Apple’s behavior of extending control over the user’s mobile devices.

The antitrust investigation against Apple is partly handled by a group of lawyers led by Manish Kumar. Kumar is a veteran from the Department of Justice and currently holds the position of chief antitrust in the San Francisco office. The US Department of Justice has yet to appoint the official head of the antitrust division, and it also declined to comment on Apple’s investigation.

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Each month Apple buys another company

Each month Apple buys another company

Currently, Apple’s revenue has reached 247.5 billion USD. Not only was it successful with the iPhone segment, the company also grew through the acquisitions of many businesses around the world.


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