“About him, I have our laughs left”: the death of Jean-Pierre Bacri blues the world of cinema

Jean-Michel Ribes, Philippe Muyl, Gilles Jacob … The disappearance of the actor provoked a concert of emotional reactions from his many friends.

He made people laugh by his grumpy expression and his bad temper. Her death will finally have drawn tears. The announcement of the death, at 69, of the actor, screenwriter and theater artist Jean-Pierre Bacri sparked a large number of reactions on social networks, this Monday, January 18 at the end of the afternoon.

Actress and director Michèle Laroque expressed on Twitter : “Exceptional Jean-Pierre Bacri. He will be in my heart forever. I find it hard to imagine cinema without him. Thoughts for loved ones. #RIPJeanPierreBacri Nicolas Bedos paid a simple and silent tribute to this figure of French cinema.

On BFMTV, the director Jean-Michel Ribes who had directed Jean-Pierre Bacri on stage greeted the man with “big mouth“,”one of the strongest personalities of recent years“, And an actor”engaged” without being “lesson giver“. “He was above all someone with whom I had an incredible bondHe recalled, referring to their common hilarities. “The most wonderful thing is that we had giggles together. About him, I have our giggles. When you have a giggle with someone, it’s to know them better than anyone“. And to conclude: “He was someone, in truth, extremely funny but it was the reverse of a sneer“.

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Same power of memory with Christian Clavier who shared the poster with Jean-Pierre Bacri in 1989, in Jean-Marie Poiré’s film My best friends. He wanted to pay tribute to “great culture and great intelligenceFrom the actor.

On France Info, Philippe Muyl – who in 1993 adapted the play by Jean-Pierre Bacri and Agnès Jaoui for the cinema Kitchen and Outbuildings – was also moved by the disappearance of his friend. “It’s really a blow that we take on the head“, He reacted, while paying homage to a work of tone”bitter sweet, lucid, whole, intelligent“. The director recalled the crucial place of Agnès Jaoui in the life and work of Jean-Pierre Bacri, welcoming “their way of looking at the world with a critical and somewhat uncompromising eye“.

The disappearance of Jean-Pierre Bacri also inspired a very strong tribute from Gilles Jacob. The director and former president of the Cannes festival compared, on Twitter, the late actor to François Truffaut, Ingmar Bergman, or to the Portuguese Nobel Prize for Literature, José Saramago.

On the side of political reactions, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo paid tribute to the character. “Jean-Pierre Bacri was a tone, a voice, a character in the service of an exceptional acting, in the cinema as in the theater. Popular actor, talented screenwriter and committed man, he will be sorely missed. Thoughts of his family and loved ones.»She said on his social networks.

The strong character of the roles that fell to Jean-Pierre Bacri was regularly mentioned among the emotional messages posted on Twitter. Xavier Bertrand, President of the Hauts de France Region paid tribute to “French grumpy and grumpy that exists in all of us“.

Ian Brossat, spokesperson for the PCF and deputy mayor of Paris in charge of housing, praised the “gorgeous moan“.

Alexis Corbière, deputy La France Insoumise, also bowed to the “magnificent moaner and committed citizen“.

The deputy and socialist spokesperson Boris Vallaud was moved by the disappearance of “his favorite moan“.

Several personalities have finally especially wanted to remember some memorable quotes forever linked to Jean-Pierre Bacri. Starting with the ecological mayor of Grenoble, Éric Piolle.

For the deputy En Marche Aurélien Taché, it is rather the quotes of the man to “caustic humor»Which outweigh the memory of his roles.

The deputy France Insoumise of the North Ugo Bernalicis, for his part, made a point of sharing a whole scene with Jean-Pierre Bacri.

Finally, the sports magazine So Foot He also went there with his little emotional tribute in reference to Didier, Alain Chabat’s film released in 1997, in which Jean-Pierre Bacri played, a somewhat disillusioned football coach.

Jean-Pierre Bacri occupied a prominent place with the public for his roles of grieving and disillusioned but deeply human anti-heroes. He had written several plays and films with Agnès Jaoui, who was also his companion, and had been awarded five times at the César, including four times the trophy for best screenplay.


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