About 3,000 people in Hai Duong were sampled for nCoV testing

Hai DuongAbout 3,000 people, including all residents of Kim Dien village, workers of Poyun Company, Regiment 125 … were sampled to test for nCoV due to two new infections.

Exchange with VnExpress On the morning of January 28, Mr. Pham Duy Tuyen, Director of Hai Duong Center for Disease Control (CDC), said that Hai Duong province is urgently tracking F1 and F2 related to two cases, is “patient 1552. “and the 32-year-old girl was positive when she came to Japan, traced the source of infection in the community.

CDC Hai Duong has zoned about 3,000 people to be tested, including all residents of Kim Dien village, all workers of Poyun Company, group of 16 people from Japan on December 29, 2020, all workers. Regiment members of the 125th Regiment … CDC also coordinated with the authorities to detect cases of illegal residence, unknown background, moving from epidemic areas.

Mr. Tuyen said that Hai Duong can test 1,000 samples a day. In addition, there is support for testing capacity from the Ministry of Health, Hanoi Medical University, and the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology.

“In today, the province will try to get all the samples of workers from Poyun Company and people in Kim Dien village, Hung Dao commune, Chi Linh city, for testing”, Mr. Tuyen said.

Currently, the health sector has traced and isolates 237 F1 of “1552 patient”. These are co-working cases in the workshop of Poyun Ltd., where the patient works and where he resides. Isolate the entire Kim Dien village, where the patient resides. The remaining villages of Hung Dao commune practice social isolation. Authorities set up 13 access control posts in Hung Dao commune, closed the cutting workshop of Poyun Company, and sprayed and disinfected all the above areas.

On the morning of January 28, the Ministry of Health announced that “patient 1552”, 34 years old, residing in Kim Dien village, Hung Dao commune, Chi Linh city, Hai Duong province, was a community Covid-19. This patient is the brother-in-law, close contact and attended the 32-year-old girl’s farewell festival before she left for Japan. The results of sequencing positive girl genes in Japan a week later confirmed infection with nCoV variant from England. This variant had an infection rate 70% faster than known nCoV strains.

Thuy Quynh – Chile


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