Ho Chi Minh CityThe 31-year-old woman, 8 weeks pregnant, often had dull abdominal pain, afraid of the disease, so she did not go to the hospital until she suddenly fainted.

Doctor Bui Duc Lam, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Hoan My Saigon Hospital, on November 1, said that the hospitalized patient was lethargic, pale skin, pulse and blood pressure could not be measured. The doctors performed ultrasound at the bed, detecting a lot of fluid and blood in the abdomen, diagnosing a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

The patient lost more than 2.2 liters of blood, very critical, the hospital no longer had time to do routine tests before surgery and also to test for Covid-19. Doctors activated the red alert in the hospital, treating as a suspected Covid-19 case. The surgical team carried out anti-infection procedures, wore protective gear, performed emergency surgery, resuscitation, and performed parallel tests.

“If surgery is delayed, bleeding is not controlled, the patient can fall into a state of blood clotting disorder, multi-organ failure leading to death or vegetative life,” said Dr. Lam. After the emergency surgery, the patient is now recovering stably.

A doctor examines a patient after a caesarean section to treat an ectopic pregnancy at Hoan My Saigon Hospital. Photo: Hospital provides

An ectopic pregnancy is a phenomenon in which an egg, after being fertilized, implants and develops outside the uterus, usually occurs in the fallopian tubes. There are cases of ectopic pregnancy out of the uterus, clinging to the abdomen, liver stalk… This is the leading cause of death among obstetric complications in the first trimester of pregnancy.

According to Dr. Lam, ectopic pregnancy causes many dangerous and life-threatening complications if not detected early and treated promptly. Pregnant women should not delay antenatal care, need to closely monitor the pregnancy, go to a medical facility as soon as there are abnormal symptoms for examination, early detection, timely treatment, and prevention of dangerous complications. to future reproductive health.

Le Phuong