Abdominal pain due to stress – the disease appeared before the exam

HanoiPhuong was 15 years old, had abdominal pain for two years, was checked many times in the hospital and found no abnormalities, the doctor diagnosed her with excessive stress due to study pressure.

Family members said that often before exams, she had severe pain in the epigastrium. Usually, when the exam is over, I have no pain or just a dull ache. In particular, before the final exam, the frequency of studying increased, Phuong was in severe pain. The family took them to the Mental Health Institute, Bach Mai Hospital for examination.

Dr. Duong Minh Tam, Head of the Division of Treatment of Stress-Related Disorders, said that she suffered from excessive and uncontrolled stress, leading to abdominal pain and nausea. The doctor diagnosed this as a “psychogenic body disease” – a disease caused by psychological causes. When taking the drug, the symptoms subsided, but when stressed, the abdominal pain reappeared. To overcome, patients need psychological treatment, monitoring and medication for a long time.

Stress and tension are factors that cause stomach pain, increased gastric secretion, headache, nausea…, many children faint. A 15-year-old male, in Hanoi, also had a headache, went to a neurological examination, and a brain MRI did not show any damage and did not detect any disease. When she went to the Institute of Mental Health, Bach Mai Hospital, the doctor noted that she had symptoms of stress and depression.

Nam said that when he was in secondary school, he always tried to get into a specialized school but failed to meet his expectations and had to go to another school. In 10th grade, I still tried to adapt, but my mother sometimes scolded me for not passing the exam, reminded me of the merits of taking extra classes, which made me think a lot. Many times, Nam wanted to ask his mother to study more but was afraid of being reminded of his bad achievements. This condition lasted for a long time and made me tired, headache, stomachache and symptoms of depression.

Answer VnExpressTran Thi Ha An, Deputy Director of Mental Health, Bach Mai Hospital, said that psychological and physical manifestations occur when the body reacts to stress, but each person has different characteristics. manifestations and to varying degrees. “Some people have headaches and stomachaches, but there are people with melancholy, sadness, and depression,” the doctor said. In particular, the group with pathological symptoms often went to the hospital later because it was easily confused with medical diseases instead of going to a mental health check-up.

According to doctors, stress is often found in weak, romantic, and closed people. People who lack willpower, lack of energy, shyness, low self-esteem, inferiority complex, easily conflict… are also prone to stress and pressure.

Two common types of stress are acute stress and chronic stress. In this, acute stress is short-term and is caused by needs, events or pressures in the past and near future. For example, worrying about money, losing a job, causing an accident, taking an exam, losing a family member, being seriously injured…

Chronic stress is the long-term, repetitive pattern of stressors over a long period of time and can lead to more serious health problems if it’s not handled appropriately. Chronic stress weakens the body’s immune system, leading to a number of mental and physical illnesses such as depression and cardiovascular diseases.

“However, stress is also a test that each pass helps to improve and mature,” said Dr. Tam.

The doctor recommends that parents are always close to their children, should pay attention to observe changes in emotions, physical health, eating, sleeping, and daily activities if there are any differences compared to before. Do not arbitrarily give children drugs to reduce drowsiness, do not force or compare children. Encourage children often and give them time to rest. Do not impose too high standards or have an attitude of letting go of the child’s efforts. Change your diet, eliminate foods that cause stomach irritation such as processed cold meats, spicy dishes, coffee…

Children with abnormal expressions, opposition, quarrels, should be taken to an early psychological examination for timely intervention, to avoid unfortunate cases.

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