Abandoning Google, the Vietnamese man called for millions of dollars… with QR CODE

Google is a dream and Do Tri Quoc wants to realize the Google dream in Vietnam.

Always keep in mind, the world has hit technology products like Google or Facebook, so why doesn’t Vietnam have similar products? Therefore, after many years of consideration, Do Tri Quoc decided to create a Google product in the F&B industry.

The dream of no-touch consumption

The Covid epidemic has changed the consumption habits of customers, and all transactions are limited in contact. Therefore, the young man decided to bring a new breath of life to the technology village by QR Code for the food industry with the sales management software Mmenu- Order food by QR Code.

Customers only need to scan the QR Code to be able to order food on the spot or take it home, this is a convenient method that brings many benefits to diners as well as shop owners. In terms of management, it helps the owner to save 1/3 of the serving staff and also increases the quality and efficiency of the service with diners.

Diners will not have to be annoyed when they have a need to order food that is not served promptly during peak times of the restaurant’s busy schedule. Especially, customers can manage their e-invoices right on their smart mobile devices. This is a solution to help financial transparency in the consumption process between diners and the restaurant.

The pandemic storm has caused the food industry to suffer during the past period, so what will be the solution to help the industry revive, is the application of technology transformation 4.0 – Mmenu.

Philosophy of making products

The young man always thinks that he may not need to create a different product but will have to smooth the simplest things and the least tech-savvy person can also use the software he wrote.

When talking about the choice of communication and marketing methods about Mmenu software, he smiled and shared: “I only know how to create the best product for customers to use, when it’s good, it will be contagious. “.

Nearly 20 years in the technology industry, he always understands what he does, that a technology engineer will be a person who creates useful products for society rather than an outsource worker for the industry.

Call for million dollars

Sales software Mmenu- scan QR code to order food has reached an investment agreement from IDG Venture Fund at the price of 2 million USD for 20%. This is really a surprise and a gift for the dedication and meticulousness of a Vietnamese engineer making software products.

Abandoning Google, the Vietnamese man called for millions of dollars... with QR CODE - Photo 2.

Regarding Vietnam, Do Tri Quoc’s biggest difficulty is recruiting engineers and programmers because the human resource market is too HOT, but with the world’s leading technologies brought back to Vietnam as well as his dedication to teaching and training. , he has also been building a team of quality Vietnamese engineers.

Mmenu will be an impressive sales software for the culinary industry and will somewhere help the Vietnamese food industry bounce back strongly after the epidemic.

(According to Economic Life)


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