Aaron Sorkin: “The page in the history of the Chicago Seven has become an essential story”

INTERVIEW – Invited by Steven Spielberg to write the screenplay, the creator ofTo the White House will eventually go behind the camera. Story of a shaken genesis.

Aaron Sorkin was able to count on the precious testimony of Tom Hayden.
Aaron Sorkin was able to count on the precious testimony of Tom Hayden. MARIO ANZUONI / REUTERS

Fourteen years is how long it took Aaron Sorkin to complete Chicago Seven. Hired as a screenwriter, he finally ensures the realization.

LE FIGARO. – Where did this desire to revisit the trial come from after the 1968 Democratic Convention?

Aaron SORKIN. – One Saturday morning in 2006, Steven Spielberg invited me to his place and ordered a script on these events. He wanted to release the film for the 2008 presidential election. I knew very little about this affair, but who would refuse to work with Steven? The 2008 screenwriters’ strike brought the project to a halt. Everything has changed with the irruption on the political scene of Donald Trump. During his meetings, he is nostalgic for the sixties when the demonstrators were transported on stretchers after having been beaten up, with complete impunity, by the police. This fascinating page of history has turned into an essential story to tell. There was no longer any question of wasting time finding a director and I am

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