Aaron Sorkin dreams of Nicole Kidman to tackle American TV landmark

The Oscar-winning director and screenwriter with Chicago Seven, would tell a week in the life of the flagship couple of the cult sitcom of the Fifties I love lucy.

The sitcom and its story are definitely an irresistible source of inspiration in Hollywood. After WandaVision On Disney +, which revisits 70 years of cathodic family comedies, Aaron Sorkin wants to tackle the cult and original sitcom I Love Lucy. Well placed in the Oscar race with his political-historical film Chicago Seven, Aaron Sorkin is already working on his new feature film as a director Being The Ricardos.

This biopic would retrace a week of filming an episode of the series, from reading the script to recording in public. Seven days during which the couple of comedians in the city and on the screen Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz go through a crisis likely to undermine not only their show, but also their marriage.

Replacing Cate Blanchett

According to the specialist magazine Entertainment Weekly, the creator of the cult series The West Wing would be in negotiations with Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem to convince them to play the legendary duo. If she accepted, the Moulin Rouge star would replace Cate Blanchett at a moment’s notice.

Being The Ricardos has been in development since 2015. Despite the lack of an official synopsis, Entertainment Weekly believes Sorkin is likely to bring up Lucille Ball’s 1953 run-ins with McCarthyism. The actress had wanted to explain her brief political affiliation to the Communist Party when she was 25 years old in 1936. At the time, the actress had said she wanted to please her grandfather, but had assured never have taken a membership card.

Aired on CBS between 1951 and 1957, I love lucy featured a housewife determined to become an artist despite her lack of talent. At its peak, fiction attracted nearly 60 million spectators.


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